Atlanta Artist Pea The Feary Created A Custom Skateboard For Impala

Featuring the phrase “Trust Your Choices.”

In honor of Women’s History Month, Impala is continuing its collaborative work with artists by teaming up with Atlanta-based Pea The Feary on a custom skateboard, which is available to purchase now. The artist (and human design reader — more on that later) created a rainbow foil artwork for the mystic-inspired deck and features the inspiring phrase “Trust Your Choices.”

“I love beautiful things, and creating things I find beautiful has made me really excited since I can remember,” Pea The Feary tells NYLON. “Someone once described my art as refreshing and I loved that word, so refreshing is my style.”

Impala, primarily known for its inline and roller skates, expanded into skateboarding back in May 2020, just ahead of a summer when more and more people were learning how to skate for the first time. The first-ever 11-piece collection featured exclusive artwork from Los Angeles-based Robin Eisenberg, New York's Art Baby Girl, Surfy Birdy from Florida, and Lisa Dino out of Melbourne. Since its debut, the Australian brand is still maintaining its partnership with the National Forest Foundation, planting three trees for every one tree used to manufacture its skateboards.

Below, Pea The Feary shares what human design reading and timeline jumping is, what it was like to work with Impala, and what’s inspiring her right now.

For those who are curious or unfamiliar, what you do when it comes to human design readings and timeline jumping?

Human design is kind of like astrology’s weird cousin. It’s a modality that combines spiritual modalities and quantum physics — I don’t understand quantum physics, though, just a heads up — and it explains how energy moves through the body. It’s great for reconnecting with yourself in a new way. Timeline jumping is an opportunity to embody a different version of yourself. It’s my spin on embodiment and my personal manifesting “technique.”

How did the opportunity with Impala come up and what was it like working with the brand on this project? I recall reading that you wished for this type of collab last year.

I either said out loud to a friend or in my head that having my art on a skateboard would be really cool. And then some months later, Impala emailed me and that was an obvious “yes.”

What is the inspiration and creative process behind your artwork for Impala?

A message that I had been working on in my personal life is that I need to trust myself. So “Trust Your Choices” popped up in my head, and that felt like a perfect summary of what I’ve been focusing on. It’s a message that I believe can be helpful if many eyes get to see it.

Where are you hoping to take your art in the coming years?

I’m hoping that creating art still brings me joy, and if not, then I hope to find something else that excites me.

Where have you been finding inspiration lately?

Honoring my time alone is inspiring, and then fully appreciating my time with others is so expansive. Pinterest is also great, lol.

Are you excited to see your artwork out in the skate world?

Yeah! It’s so cool. Skateboarding truly mesmerizes me and has boggled my mind since I was little, so having my art on these boards is so sweet.