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Telfar's Shopping Bags Are Getting Flipped For Higher Prices

And the internet is not happy about it.

The hype of Telfar's Shopping Bag has finally reached the hypebeasts. After the brand’s restock on Thursday quickly sold out, some aspiring customers spoke out on Twitter claiming that Hypernova Group, which specializes in reselling, was buying up the coveted bags in order to flip them at a higher price.

A Twitter user associated with Hypernova Group tweeted out that the company had purchased 60% of the brand's restock writing, "@HypernovaGroup ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED THE TELFAR RESTOCKS. NOT DOING MATH BUT WE TOOK OVER 60% OF STOCK."

Naturally, those wanting to purchase a Telfar bag were not happy. Designer Telfar Clemens created his brand in 2005 with the goal of making accessible luxury. The brand's popular logo-covered bags, which come in three different sizes and a variety of colors, range in price from $150 to $257.

The brand has since closed its online store and its website is currently password-protected. In response to the online conversations surrounding its recent restock, the company took to its Instagram Stories saying, "Telfar is for the people. Not bots. Store on ice while we root them out."

"We improved security right before this drop. We are literally on the phone trying to find out how extensive the problem is because the vast majority of orders are real," says a representative from Telfar in an email to NYLON. "What the bots are doing goes against what we are about — we are not trying to create fake scarcity — we just have crazy demand."

Check out some of Twitter's opinions about the bulk buy, below.