Le cuturier Issey Miyake et ses mannequins lors de son défilé, Prêt-à-Porter, collection Automne/Hiv...
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Issey Miyake’s Best Designs Over The Years, From The Runway To Steve Jobs

In honor of the late Japanese designer, who passed away at age 84.

On Tuesday, Aug. 9, it was publicly announced that Issey Miyake died earlier this month from liver cancer at age 84.

Before his retirement in 1997, the Japanese designer became known for his forward-thinking approach to design and silhouettes, from his signature pleats and origami-shaped caps to his coveted Bao Bao bags, among many others.

Issey Miyake and Diana Vreeland, 1978

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Though Miyake’s designs were a rare red carpet sighting, his work remained a celebrity favorite for decades, including famous fans like Steve Jobs, Robin Williams, Grace Jones, the Olsen twins, and more.

In honor of the late Japanese designer, take a look back at some of his best work throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, ahead.

Issey Miyake's Spring 1988 runway show in Tokyo.