Megan Fox in 2009's Jennifer's Body.
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Private Icon: Jennifer’s Body

Let’s go back to 2009...

by Erika Harwood and Mia Sherin
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The 2009 comedy-horror Jennifer’s Body has achieved cult film status more than a decade later. Even leading actress Megan Fox’s early-aughts outfits (we’re looking at you, heart-print hoodie) are influencing the trends of today. Check out her best fashion moments from the movie (and how to recreate them) ahead.

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Try not to ruin your denim mini skirt with buckets of blood.

In case you burned all of your past denim minis.

Slanted Mini Skirt
Good American

Bonus points if you tell people that Jennifer ripped the slit of your skirt herself.

Just pretend this is your white puffer… after being drenched in blood.

Purchase with a Tide Pen if your night will be anything like Jennifer’s.

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The lovecore-style velour hoodie has taken on a life of its own in 2021.

A spot-on replica of The Hoodie (with matching pants)! It’s also available in plus-size, too.

No, it’s not the exact same, but it’s definitely inspired.

The pioneer of the velour hoodie.

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The jeans were low, and the cardigans were cropped.

A cropped cardigan is a must when channeling 2009.

Nicola Cropped Cardigan
Lovers and Friends

What’s old is cool again, and that means cropped cardigans.

Don’t forget the striped polo.

see on asos

Bonus: This polo comes with a market skirt, too.


A shoulder bag is a must.

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Megan Fox in a cheerleader uniform walked so Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u” look could run.

You’ll keep morale high in this model of Jennifer’s iconic uniform.

School spirit not included.

Wear this skirt with no try-outs required.

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