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Dressing Like Miley Cyrus Is A Lot Easier Than Expected

Even the pop star/fashion shapeshifter has her go-to style essentials.

Miley Cyrus' personal style has spanned many an era. Since the world was introduced to her as Hannah Montana back in 2006, we've seen Cyrus shed her Disney image for a closet full of glamorous gowns, nipple pasties, and everything in between.

Despite a penchant for a dramatic and ever-evolving fashion sense, there are some wardrobe essentials that Cyrus can't seem to go without in her day-to-day life. She may be looking to shock and surprise with her on-stage looks, but her street style is full of more predictable consistency.

One thing should be noted: Cyrus' wardrobe is not cheap. She boasts friends like designers Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs and walks the streets of New York in monogrammed Louis Vuitton jeans. No need to let that overwhelm you, though. Her designer-heavy closet doesn't make her style any less achievable for the average civilian. In short, she loves a statement pant and hat, lots of denim, vintage, and an all-black moment. You, too, can do this.

Below, some of Miley Cyrus' standout style essentials, and the easiest way to cop her look without having to plot out a long con of befriending Marc Jacobs. Though that probably wouldn't hurt.

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Statement Pants

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From animal-printed leather to monogrammed denim, it's rare to see Cyrus in a regular ol' pair of pants.

Bold Hats

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If there is one thing Cyrus truly loves, it's hats. We're not just talking about simple beanies here. The wider the brim, the better.

Lots of Denim

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It's time to really embrace denim the Miley-Cyrus way, which includes frayed cutoffs, two-toned jeans, and even a pair of short-alls.

All Black Everything

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Black does not equal bland. Take it from one of the least boring pop stars out there.

Vintage Vibes

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Whether or not Cyrus is digging through racks at a Buffalo Exchange or not, it's clear she loves a vintage-inspired moment.