Molly And Reese Blutstein Released Their First-Ever Fashion Collaboration

The fashion-savvy twins spoke with NYLON about designing loafers with Nomasei.

Another fashion month has come and gone without any major street style moments by fashion-savvy twins and Atlanta-based influencers Reese and Molly Blutstein, but the two still kept busy with their first-ever design collaboration with Nomasei, which officially launched on Monday.

Designers Paule Tenaillon and Marine Braquet, two Chloé alums who launched their sustainable footwear brand in 2019, have been fans of the Blutsteins for a while. They gifted Molly a pair of loafers last year in hopes that they would garner some recognition as an emerging fashion label from Paris. “I always loved their style, aesthetic, and universe. As a designer, their creative aesthetic has always conveyed true artistry and vision,” Tenaillon tells NYLON. Luckily, it paid off, and both Molly and Reese were constantly wearing and sharing Nomasei’s signature loafers.

“Our ethos is to buy less but better, to make the most out of your clothes, and to choose timeless, stylish pieces that won’t go out of fashion and can adapt to your wants and needs,” says Braquet. “That’s what they have been doing since they began their careers.”

Reese and Molly designed the Nomaei “Nono” loafer in two new colorways: a buttery-yellow leather and a green croc-embossed style. Each one is adorned with the brand’s signature hand ornament logo and the shoes are produced in an eco-conscious factory in Italy. With the sisters in Atlanta and the designers in Paris, the collaborative process between them, which was mostly done remotely, was surprisingly seamless.

“We really agreed on everything from the start and were so amazed how effortless it all was,” says Tenaillon. “Molly and Reese have such an appreciation for the process and ethical components, which is very important to us.”

“They were very sure of what they wanted, but also very open to the adjustments we were bringing to them,” adds Braquet. “When you work like that, with respect and understanding for each other's wishes and constraints, it makes everything easy.”

Ahead, NYLON spoke with Reese and Molly about their collaboration, diving into design for the first time, and how they would wear their newly launched loafers.

Reese (left) and Molly (right) Blutstein wearing Nomasei loafers.Chloe Horseman/Courtesy of Nomasei

When did you first learn about Nomasei and how did the collaboration come about?

Molly: Almost a year ago they reached out to send me a pair of their “Nono” loafers in black. We started discussing a collaboration in September of last year. Nomasei pitched the idea to us and we loved it.

Reese: We have literally worn those loafers every day since we got them and that’s not an exaggeration. But when they came to us about this collaboration it just made sense because we actually really loved their product and wore it often in our daily life, so we knew it was a really well-made, comfortable shoe that could go with everything.

How would you describe the creative process and diving into fashion design for the first time?

Reese: The creative process was really fun and painless. We have a good idea of what we like, so I think we were able to just get our ideas across well enough that we didn’t have to change many things throughout the process. It was also really fun to work with Marine and Paule because we would bring an idea and they would add the details that really bring it all together. We all worked together well and understood from the beginning exactly what we wanted.

Molly: It has been really fun and actually quite easy on our end. We were very clear with what the idea was, and Marine and Paule guided those ideas with their vast knowledge of design and production into beautiful shoes that we all love so much. We all were on the same page and that made the creative process very enjoyable. Lots of Zoom calls with a mix of English and some French words thrown in!

Chloe Horseman/Courtesy of Nomasei

What are some design elements from the collaboration that you're really proud of?

Molly: I love the colors we chose. Color can be hard because it’s so vast and there are so many shades and materials to choose from. I love the yellow soles with the Kelly green outlining it, and the brown stitching on the yellow loafers. A yellow-and-brown combo — just can't beat that.

Reese: I really love that the sole and the stitching on the yellow loafers are brown. It’s not noticeable but I think it makes a huge difference and is not something most people consider. I think it’s a nice touch and adds something more interesting to the yellow than a black stitch would.

Chloe Horseman/Courtesy of Nomasei

How would you wear or style these loafers?

Reese: You could wear them with a pretty summer dress, high, chunky socks, a skirt, and a puffy blouse, or with oversized denim shorts and your favorite T-shirt. They really can go with anything.

Molly: We already wear these loafers almost every single day so I would style them in just about every way that makes sense to my daily outfits. I love them with some cute socks and a dress, or a little skirt and sweater, any of your favorite pants. You can’t go wrong.

The Nomasei “Nono” loafer co-created with Molly and Reese Blutstein is priced between $410 and $430 and is available to purchase online now.