Naomi Osaka for TAG Heuer.
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Naomi Osaka Has Some Watch Shopping Tips For You

The tennis champ helped design a limited-edition TAG Heuer watch.

Naomi Osaka may be preparing for her upcoming match at the 2022 Australian Open, but she has a few fashion duties to attend to first. In addition to her latest Nike collection release, the tennis champ took her brand ambassador role at TAG Heuer to the next level with a newly launched watch that she helped design, as well.

“The Ambassadorship with TAG Heuer has been a great experience so far,” Osaka tells NYLON. “I really connect with the brand’s motto and what it stands for in terms of strength and craftsmanship, but what I am really enjoying is having a hand in the actual design process. I enjoy partnerships where my creative input can be used.”

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 watch boasts two shades of green, which pay homage to Osaka’s love for tennis and nature, and includes hour markers that are made up of diamonds and two different straps to wear, including a green rubber version and an additional one that’s repurposed from recycled fish nets. Plus, the new, limited-edition timepiece is packaged in a case that features Osaka’s official (and adorable) logo for the luxury watch brand: a teddy bear holding a flower.

“I am excited to continue my work with TAG Heuer not only because their time pieces are so renowned and classic but also because it is an honor to be able to create a timepiece with such an iconic brand with a rich history in watch making,” Osaka said in an official statement. “I’m grateful to TAG Heuer for allowing me to fuel my passion for fashion and product design.”

Ahead, Osaka spoke with NYLON about her watch shopping and styling tips, 2022 resolutions, and what fashion trends she’s excited to wear in the new year.

Photos Courtesy of TAG Heuer
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What shopping tips do you have for those interested in investing in their first watch?

When investing in your first timepiece I always say start with something classic and timeless. You want to choose something that goes with most of your wardrobe and that you can see growing with you as your fashion style matures and evolves.

What do you look for specifically in a watch?

I like a watch that makes a statement and is functional since I wear them when I play but also is unique and stylish.

Any tips on how to style a watch?

A watch is a great accessory to style as it literally complements almost anything. I can take a watch from the court to a red carpet! It’s something that is one-size-fits-all and really can be dressed up or down.

Photos Courtesy of TAG Heuer
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With the new year approaching, do you have any new year's resolutions?

For 2022 I want to lead with kindness and compassion. I want to continue to challenge myself, speak up for what I believe in, and also try to inspire others to be caring and compassionate.

Fashion-wise, what are you excited to wear in 2022 or do you have any trend predictions?

I am excited to see what fashion has in store for us in 2022. I am loving the elevated athleisure looks, which take comfort and street style and mix them with high-end fashion. And I also am a fan of anything with color.