I Tried Edie Parker Flower’s One-Hitter Necklace, A Weed Accessory To Show Off

A statement piece for the fashion-forward stoner.

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Weed accessories have come a long way. Gone are the days when you would hide your bong at home or keep your cannabis stash tucked away in a drawer. Now, you can happily display an artist-made pipe alongside an artsy lighter, grinder, and rolling tray on your coffee table. Papers for your joints are adorned with Instagram-worthy prints and there’s even stylish merch to showcase your hobby of getting high. Being a stoner has an aesthetic now and Edie Parker Flower — by the brand behind those statement lucite clutches of the same name — taps into all of this.

Since 2019, founder and designer Brett Heyman has seamlessly combined cannabis and fashion, offering stylish items — colorful lighters, floral-printed rolling papers, sculptural smoking pieces, graphic tees and toes, and more — for all of your weed-adjacent needs. Edie Parker Flower’s latest launch is its best example yet: a glass-blown, heart-shaped one-hitter necklace, complete with a cord string for an on-trend, vintage look. “We were playing around with these old Lalique necklaces in the office,” Heyman tells NYLON. “That sort of ‘90s nostalgia moment had us feeling very inspired.”

Courtesy of Edie Parker Flower

Much like how Lalique jewelry is known for its bold crystal designs, Edie Parker Flower has been experimenting with smoke accessories made from glass, a very specific type (called borosilicate) that can handle extreme changes in temperature — AKA, holding a lighter to a glass pipe shaped like fruit or a flower won’t make it suddenly crack or break.

“We think about glass all the time now, and so a necklace that already exists in glass, we're like, ‘how can that be smokeable?’” says Heyman. “It took forever to sample it, and we're very pleased with the product because, for us, it is really that marriage of fashion and fun in a wearable item. It’s also functional — it is a great one-hitter, really easy. It’s for a girl that likes smoking or for a girl who doesn't, but just thinks it's a cute necklace, it's really a win-win.”

When I say that this necklace doubles as statement jewelry, it’s definitely hard not to show it off. Though lightweight, the one-hitter itself is bulky and bulbous, but the colorful look — I have it in jade green but it’s also available in pink and a clear, smokey gray — makes it fun and enjoyable to wear. Our culture editor Layla described the piece as a “protective amulet” and she’s not wrong. I found myself wearing it like some sort of security blanket to put me at ease during a particularly angsty afternoon while working from home. The one-hitter itself is easy to pack and nice to smoke. (Because of its shape, it was a pretty generous hit, too.) My lighter did leave some burn marks but I was able to wipe them off right away.

The necklace is so precious and novel that I don’t see myself using it as a one-hitter regularly. Instead, I’d probably save it for when I’m out at the beach or park, or while hanging out with friends. I’d even just throw it into my regular rotation of layered jewelry to finish off an outfit. It’s certainly a conversation starter — and very cute to look at — and that’s exactly the point behind why it was made in the first place. “We talk a lot about destigmatization, so I think we try to make things that are meant to be proudly displayed, that are meant to be gifted, that are meant to be shown off,” says Heyman. “So I think they that really serve that purpose, as well as being smoking accessories, are what we find people respond most positively and enthusiastically to.”

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