Ray-Ban sunglasses lying next to a red Ray-Ban ruler


infinite shades of ray-ban

design your own custom sunglasses!

by jamie wilson

Let's be real: Sunglasses are just plain cool. Whether each pair possesses some magical quality (yeah, probably) or if it's all in our heads, sunnies have the ability to transform you from ordinary to instant cool kid in seconds. And that's why we're so crazy excited about Ray-Ban Remix, the new customization program from the iconic retailers. 

How does it work? Start by choosing from their nine available models (including awesome aviators and classic wayfarers), and then pick from 13 color options, and customizable your lenses to be polarized, gradient, mirrored or standard. Oh wait, Ray-Ban is not done remixing your mind yet.  In the event that you're stuck in a "b*tch stole my look" scenario, you'll always win because you can get your D.I.Y sunshades engraved with your name, initials, fave hashtag--anything!--too! 

We're not weather forecasters, but we're seeing sunny times ahead that'll be perfect for rocking your stellar custom shades. Get to Ray-Ban.com to start on your first (and definitely not your last) pair of Ray-Ban Remix sunglasses.