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Ruby Rose Teamed Up With Crocs For A Pride Clog

We spoke to the model and actress on her new collab.

On Monday and just in time for Pride Month, a Supreme Court ruling concluded that the 1964 Civil Rights Acts protects LGBTQ people from employment discrimination. And while this year's Pride has been different from years' past — with many parades around the world being canceled due to the ongoing pandemic — celebrating Pride is still happening, just in different ways: Thousands of LGBTQ people have stepped out of their houses to march alongside everyone fighting for justice in the Black Lives Matter protests, and on Sunday, New York City's queer community and allies — totaling a historic 15,000 — rallied outside of the Brooklyn Museum for Black trans lives.

In the spirit of Pride, Ruby Rose has partnered with Crocs on a collaboration celebrating the occasion. The platform-style Classic Bae Clog's rainbow marbling is different for each shoe, with the only common feature for every pair being the words "just love" across the back.

Despite the setback for Pride's usual celebrations, Rose is still urging people to "spend time connecting with loved ones and positive people in your life who embrace you and accept you for your truest self," whether that's at home or marching on the streets for justice. Below, NYLON spoke to the model and actress about her new collab and how she's feeling during this year's Pride Month.

Courtesy of Crocs

What was your inspiration behind the Just Love Designed by Ruby Rose collection?

I wanted to create a shoe that feels unique to everyone. The marbling treatment is different on every one of the Crocs, so fans will feel like they're getting something that no one else owns. Together, we are also proud to donate to GLAAD, a leading media advocacy organization working to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance and celebrate everyone's uniqueness — a component of this partnership that was very important to me.

How were you involved in designing the shoe?

I was incredibly excited to partner with Crocs to design Just Love, featuring added height, colorful marbling and Pride laces. From picking out the Classic Bae Clog style we used as the canvas to sharing my ideas on coloring and laces, I was involved every step of the way to ensure the design was authentic to my style.

Courtesy of Crocs

Tell us more about the shoe design and what makes it unique?

The Classic Bae Clog is one of Crocs' newest styles, so it's the first time the brand is collaborating on an iteration of this platform style. It features a marbling effect that is unique to every shoe. There are two versions, depending on your style — one version is red, orange, and yellow and the other is purple, blue, and green. The one commonality of every pair is the wording "Just Love" across the back, reminding everyone that no matter your differences, love is the answer.

What does "Just Love" mean to you?

I believe so much can be achieved with love as the backbone of your actions. Empathy, respect, loyalty — all of those things stem from love. "Just Love" is something we should remember and embody, regardless of the month!

Why is love and inclusivity so important?

It's incredibly important to spread love to those around us. No matter their race, gender, orientation, background, status, or religion — everyone deserves love and respect when showing their truest self. As Crocs would put it, they should feel comfortable in their own shoes. We're built for human connection, so when you lack love and inclusivity, you ultimately lack real, raw relationships.

What do you think about Crocs coming back as a high-fashion trend?

I've been a longtime fan of Crocs, so it's exciting to see the brand grow across so many different audiences, including within high fashion. What I've always loved about Crocs is the sheer versatility of the shoes. You'll see me wearing them around the house, while also seeing them walk across a runway at fashion week. There's a style and colorway for every look you may have — there is truly no right or wrong way to style Crocs.

How do you plan to style your Crocs?

Since we're still following stay-at-home orders here in LA, casual wear is my current go-to. These are the perfect addition to any comfortable streetwear combo when you're looking for extra flare. Lately, you can definitely find me wearing the iconic Classic Clog around the house, covered in some of my favorite Jibbitz.

Courtesy of Crocs

Pride parades have been canceled this year. How do you suggest people celebrate while staying safe?

Spend time connecting with loved ones and positive people in your life who embrace you and accept you for your truest self!

How do you plan on celebrating Pride this year?

I've been spending a lot of time these last few weeks FaceTiming and catching up with friends and family, so I'm excited to be doing more of that. I have a group of four best friends who all quarantined together and can see each other, so I will be with them talking around the fire pit about what Pride means to us.

Courtesy of Crocs