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13 Phone Case Brands To Upgrade Your Mirror Selfies

One for every internet aesthetic.

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As iPhones have become a low-key fashion statement in mirror selfies, we know how crucial it is to snap the best pics in style. If you're looking to elevate your selfie game (and the occasional thirst traps), look no further. We found 13 of the most stylish phone case brands for every internet aesthetic, ahead.

Courtesy of Wildflower Cases
Wildflower Cases

Founded by sisters Devon Lee and Sydney Carlson, Wildflower Cases, which drops limited-edition collections on the reg, is a favorite among YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagram influencers.

This retro-inspired phone case is the epitome of ‘60s flower power era.

Jason Barbagelott & Milena Mallory/Courtesy of CASETiFY

Casetify is a classic brand that's best known for its prolific roster of collaborations, including NASA, The M Jewelers, Hello Kitty, and even Coca-Cola. What we like most about its in-line offerings is the option to personalize your phone case.

Starting Oct. 12, K-pop superstars BTS are launching a phone case collection that’ll make you wanna eat it, too.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters/Recover

If you think a case covering is just added weight and bulk to your phone, then try Recover, which prides itself for having a slim, lightweight product without compromising Instagram-worthy designs.

Recover’s marble phone cases come in a variety of colorways that are perfect for any and every time of the year.

Courtesy of Holdit

If you think you've spotted the Swedish brand Holdit on your feed, you're probably right. The brand's silicone phone cases come in a variety of pretty pastels and statement colors, making them the perfect addition to every photo.

If we had to pick any color to tote around all day, it would be this calm shade of lavender.

Courtesy of Velvet Caviar
Velvet Caviar

Brooklyn-based Velvet Caviar has a ton of design options, so you'll likely find a case that fits your sartorial preferences. Plus, you can get some extra accessories to match, like an AirPods cover, phone grip, and even water bottles.

You can never go wrong with leopard print.

Lauren Parks/Courtesy of Loopy Cases
Loopy Cases

The main selling point for Loopy Cases is its signature loop for easy handling and extra grip (which, as a result, makes for a better selfie). An added perk is that it comes in a bunch of fun designs, too.

This case in a gingham print will always be a classic.

Courtesy of Pela Case
Pela Case

If the idea of owning yet another piece of plastic is not a part of your shopping ethos, then Pela Case is a good solution. The brand's phone cases are made from eco-friendly, plant-based materials that are 100% compostable.

If you still want to showcase iPhone's sleek design, this case's hint of green will do the trick.

See on Pela Case
Courtesy of Sonix

Sonix's many phone case options lean towards sparkling motifs and cheeky phrases. If you're lucky, you could add on some matching tech accessories to your order, too.

The strawberry-shortcake inspired case will add the perfect amount of cuteness to your mirror selfies.

Courtesy of Spell Cases
Spell Cases

Another Instagram favorite, Spell Cases' selection is always ahead of the trend, whether it's a bright green checkerboard print or a '90s-inspired, heart-covered case in pink.

You've probably been thinking about buying something with cow print. Now is your chance.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images
Urban Sophistication

Urban Sophistication, started by siblings Neta and Elad Yam, are in charge of Instagram's most sought-after phone accessories, including satire references and advocating for mental health.

The Puffer Case
Urban Sophistication

You might wanna cop Dua Lipa’s iconic hot-pink Puffer Case before it’s gone.

Courtesy of PopSocket

You can get a better grip with PopSockets’ new collection, titled PopCase. The new phone cases come in four translucent colorways, funky designs, and even a chargeable case.

PopCase Clears

Coming in four translucent colors including peach, lavender, spearmint or green, and clear.


Known for its sleek square-shaped designs, Flaunt’s cases are definitely sure to elevate your mirror selfie game.

This tortoise print phone case is definitely a selfie staple.

Maison de Sabré

Australian luxury brand Maison de Sabré knows how to make perfect high-quality leather accessories for all of your everyday needs.

The Phone Case
Maison de Sabré

This emerald green leather case is definitely on our wishlist.

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