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The Fashion Trend You Should Shop For Right Now, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The universe even knows how you want to dress.

In these uncertain times, many are looking to the stars for some sort of guidance. While astrologists may not have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, people are still looking to them to give them any sliver of hope as they soldier through it. Horoscopes may not always provide what we're looking for when it comes to predictions for the coming weeks and months, but it's not just bad news for those who rely on the universe.

As it turns out, your sign can have an influence on your sense of style. Goxip, a fashion and beauty search platform, partnered with astrologer Francesca Oddie to uncover why certain signs gravitate toward certain trends.

"Your horoscope affects what you wear since your horoscope reflects and defines your tastes. It defines your psychology and is your DNA," said Oddie in an official statement, provided by Goxip. "It's just intrinsic to who you are and the way you make decisions. The best way in life to be fulfilled is to really, really live out the truth of your horoscope."

Goxip has also picked out the most popular trends best suited for each sign. Find your sign, below, to see which current pieces the universe thinks fit you best.

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Aries are a practical bunch, opting for comfortable and sportier pieces, but not without some standout pieces, like bucket hats and bright red shorts.


Leos are likely to choose gold over silver, perhaps by way of hoop earrings, and are brave enough to pair them will a bold leopard print (naturally).


A true fire sign, the Sagittarius wants to stand out. Neon and a dramatic lace-up shoes will do just that.


The Taurus is down-to-earth and a lover of textures, like silk and woven knits.


Virgos pay attention to detail, and looking together is a top priority. A mini tennis skirt and cardigan are their wardrobe staples.


Kim Kardashian isn't a Capricorn, but she should be. Neutral basics, like a simple cami and oversized blazers, are perfect for the sign.


Geminis are a little all over the place when it comes to getting dressed. They're suited for bright yellow and drawing attention to their hands with a bold resin ring.


Libras take pride in their refinement, so a matching set will have them feeling on-point. A classic gold chain is also a good choice, since it goes with just about anything.


An Aquarius loves to be different and stray from trends. Unique pieces, like a crescent bag and Bermuda shorts, are well in their wheelhouse.


Did you know Cancers rule the chest? Well, they do, which is why many of them might be drawn to a bra top. They may also be drawn to white and flowing pieces like a puff-sleeve top.


Scorpios rule the sexual organs, so they feel their best when they're dressed sleek and sexy. Black chunky sandals and square or rectangle sunglasses will make them feel mysterious and confident.


The water sign is drawn to a bohemian style, and would feel comfortable in a flowing smock dress. Since they also rule the feet, an open square-toe heel is a natural addition.