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Illustration by Meagan Morrison via @travelwritedraw instagram


The New Guard of Fashion Illustrators

these artists explain all

Finding your passion—and turning it into money—is tricky for anyone, but especially for women. The persistent gender wage gap, the lack of top female executives, and the dearth of mentorship present unique challenges. Luckily, our friends at Levo League give young women the tools and resources they need to navigate the workplace and to feel empowered and challenged in their careers. Check out their site for tips, tricks, and generally pretty wonderful advice about how to get the job you deserve.

What does it really mean to be a visual artist in 2015? The illustration process is an ever-evolving one in today’s day and age (think: Paintbrushes being swapped for computer mice and portfolios being taken to Instagram), but the artist’s ultimate goal remains much the same: to create something beautiful for others to enjoy. Just ask Meagan Morrison, Gissi Jimenez, and Erisha Rubingh—as fashion illustrators, these three Millennials are producing beautiful art to be enjoyed by fashion designers, the blogosphere, and Etsy shoppers alike. Read their stories here, and then get connecting!

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1. Gissi Jimenez, @gissij

Architect by day and fashion illustrator by night, Gissi Jimenez splits her time between coordinating building projects in Miami and writing about fashion, art, and lifestyle on her blog, The Architect of Style. (Pro tip: Check out her DIY page for some super-cute, super-doable ideas.) She does all of the illustrations for her own site and has even done some live drawing for clients like Bloomingdale’s and CoverGirl. Talk about a killer side hustle.

Check out Gissi Jimenez’s Levo profile here and get connected!

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2. Meagan Morrison, @travelwritedraw

As the New York-based illustrator behind Travel Write Draw, Meagan Morrison has a job that lets her both travel the world and paint pictures of beautiful clothing. You might have seen her work in magazines like Vanity Fair and on the websites of designer clients like Ann Taylor—or, most recently, on 

. We're #fangirling out. 

Check out Meagan Morrison’s Levo profile here and get connected!

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3. Erisha Rubingh, @athingcreated

After working for two years as a freelance illustrator, Seattle-based artist Erisha Rubingh decided to forge her own path. Enter her fashion-illustration brand, A Thing Created. Though it started as a blog, A Thing Created has transformed into a full-blown product line and resulted in collaborations with popular blogs like The College Prepster. Want more of Erisha’s work in your life, stat? Get it on your mugs, phone case, or throw pillows through her Etsy shop.

Check out Erisha Rubingh’s Levo profile here and get connected!

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