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‘The White Lotus’ Is The SAG Awards’ Best-Dressed Cast

Justice for Portia!

Despite Portia’s outfits on The White Lotus being horrendous amalgamations of various, mismatched TikTok fashion trends, the cast sure does clean up nice when they’re not finding bodies in the Mediterranean Sea or emotionally manipulating each other to the brink of insanity.

The White Lotus mopped the marble floor of the Golden Globe Awards with its many, many wins, including a triumphant victory for Jennifer Coolidge, which prompted one of the best acceptance speeches we’ve seen in awhile. But at the SAG Awards on Sunday night, everyone with a reservation at The White Lotus is nominated for Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series.

The cast of The White Lotus goes up against Better Call Saul, The Crown, Ozark, and Severance for the award, and it’s unclear who will prevail (though our bets remain firmly on The White Lotus, particularly because Simona Tabasco is involved) — but one thing we know is that The White Lotus cast is the best dressed. Haley Lu Richardson, in particular, is doing justice for Portia, deciding to go extra hard in glam on the SAG Red Carpet, wearing a stunning Carolina Herrera gown.

Ahead, all of the The White Lotus red carpet looks.

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