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Halsey Debuts Rainbow Roots On The MTV VMA Red Carpet

Someone grab the bleach and get over to my apartment ASAP

Earlier this month, Halsey set the standard for rainbow-hued bangs. Tonight, as she walked the red carpet for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, she owned another colorful trend: rainbow roots. Somewhere, Billie Eilish is taking notes for the next time she wants to switch things up.

Isn't there a rule that you're not supposed to make a dramatic hair change right before a big event, you know, just in case everything goes horribly wrong? Clearly, it doesn't apply to Halsey. After rocking shoulder-length dark hair on Instagram, prior to heading to the VMAs, she made a major switch-up. In addition to coloring her roots, Halsey added waist-length extensions.

MTV Video Music Awards, Arrivals, Prudential Center, New Jersey, USA - 26 Aug 2019Christopher Polk/Variety/Shutterstock

Next time I'm feeling angsty and in need of a total hair color switch, I'm just going to scroll through Halsey's Instagram for a dose of hair inspiration. She has range!