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You Could Party With Rihanna By Entering This Giveaway

And if you did, what would you say?

If you've ever wanted to know what it was like to party with Rihanna — surely, that's everyone — here's your chance to find out for real. The Clara Lionel Foundation announced Dec. 12 that they'll be sending one lucky someone and a friend to an "exclusive Fenty Beauty event" to meet the legend herself. Included in the giveaway alongside travel and a stay at a four-star hotel, is a full makeover by "Rihanna's team," though it's unclear if it'll be with her personal glam team, or simply representatives from Fenty Beauty — and a whole bunch of Fenty Beauty goodies to take home. All you have to do to enter is go to this page and click "enter without contributing," fill out your information, and that's it! Of course, you can also spend upwards of $100 to purchase additional entries to maximize your chance of winning, but otherwise, pretty easy!

What you should be really worried about is what happens if you do win. Imagine winning this giveaway, telling your friend, flying all the way out to wherever but probably Los Angeles, getting a pound of Killawatt deposited on your cheeks, only to get face-to-face with Rih and do something really, very embarrassing that you'll play on repeat in your brain for the rest of your life! That would be bad. Below, some suggestions from us on what you could say instead.

1. I love your shoes, Rihanna. (She's always, and probably will be, wearing great shoes.)

2. I love what you've done with the place, Rihanna. (She probably worked hard on it.)

3. What's this great scent you're wearing, Rihanna? (Rihanna always smells good.)

4. I'm wearing your favorite color, seafoam green. (For this to work you should be wearing seafoam green.)

5. What's it like to always be on the right side of history, and never be a sell out especially with the NFL like some of your other peers?

6. How many glasses of wine are we stealing from the event tonight, Rihanna?

7. Do your arms ever get tired from carrying two bags, and holding up the entire music industry, Rihanna?

8. Where's the album, Rihanna???? (This is a mandatory question, for our sakes, please.)