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Jameela Jamil Calls Out Cardi B For Promoting "Detox" Tea

"I hope all these celebrities all shit their pants in public"

Jameela Jamil, ever the critic of celebrities selling weight loss gimmicks to their fans, was perturbed that Cardi B seems to be the latest to promote "detox" tea—or, as Jamil calls it, "laxative nonsense."

The Good Place actress has a quite intense wish for those who try to sell these products to fans: "GOD I hope all these celebrities all shit themselves in public, the way the poor women who buy this nonsense upon their recommendation do," she writes under a screenshot of a promo video that Cardi B posted on Instagram. She writes that the celebrities who promote these products likely don't even use them but "just flog it because they need MORE MONEY."

She continues to recommend alternatives to "detoxes": vegetables. "If you want to 'curb your appetite,'" she says, "eat some damn green vegetables or have some nutritious natural vegetable soup." She notes that those who think they need this kind of product just need more fiber in their diet instead of a tea that "makes you have diarrhea the day you take it and constipates you in the long run."

"Generally just don't ever take diet advice from women who know nothing about nutrition/basic advertising ethics," she urges her followers (and we trust her to know a thing or two about ethics). For those who "want to get healthier," she recommends going to a trainer or doctor who can offer professional advice.