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The JoBros Are Ghosting Diplo Over His Wedding Livestream In New "Lonely" Video

And Diplo isn't letting it go

Diplo has teamed up with the Jonas Brothers for a new song and music video, but they're not totally over the time he ruined Joe's secret wedding to Sophie Turner by live streaming the entire thing. They're all so not over it, in fact, that all three brothers — not just the disgruntled newlywed — are ghosting Diplo through his never-ending efforts to make nice and reconnect. In the music video for "Lonely" that debuted on Friday, we see exactly how sad and how, well, lonely, Diplo is without some JoBro love in his life.

While he should be enjoying his time out in the country, Diplo can't even enjoy grilling or greasy fair food without thinking of the Jonas Brothers. There are not enough bedazzled western suits in the world to fill that hole in his heart. Diplo even goes so far as to send Joe an Edible Arrangement asking for a simple call back, and while that doesn't do the trick, Joe does seem to appreciate the chocolate covered fruit.

However, this video is nothing if not a public service announcement to remind you to plug in your phone: As soon as the brothers were finally ready to hear Diplo out via Facetime, his phone died mid-swipe to answer the call. Cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song.

Watch the video for "Lonely" below.