Kiernan Shipka Is Inspired By Sabrina Spellman

Our May 2019 cover star Kiernan Shipka loves playing Sabrina Spellman on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and says she's inspired by "the way [Sabrina] carries herself," and that the teen witch is "an amazing, amazing role model." Shipka also loves the fact that she plays such a strong female lead, and thinks that it reflects the strength of her generation. "I'm lucky that I've grown up in a generation where I feel like I have a voice," she notes.

In the video above, Shipka tells us even more about why she loves working on CAOS and about how she thinks fans relate to it because of the ways in which the show "manages to be an escape from reality and also a reflection of reality."

Produced by Alex Hsie

Shot by Charlotte Prager

Edited by Gretta Wilson

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