Men Don't Approach Me When I Carry This Bag

Don't sleep on this

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As a former baby goth—and forever emo gal—I love finding accessories that feel like they've come straight from an elevated version of Hot Topic. So, although I've left most of the chains and dark, shapeless garb in my past, finding the right pieces that scream "Don't eff with me" is still important to me. But it can be challenging, since I inherently have as much externalized aggression as a tired shelter puppy. Luckily, I have found the perfect bag, one that does all the work for me, and can be paired with almost everything I own.

Killstar's Grave Digger Skull Handbag is exactly what it sounds like. It's shaped like a skull, and is just over the size of a regular human head; and, it features both attachable cross-body or short straps to tote all my necessities in. It's the color of bone, and is hard as one too. Give the top a good knock, and you'll find out just how hollow the interior may or may not be. To open up and reach for your wallet when shopping, you essentially have to give your purse a lobotomy, which is an act that never gets old, especially when you catch someone looking on in horror or fascination.

IMO, Arya Stark would definitely carry this if she was into fashion (and also living in a timeline that, you know, exists). Or rather, she'd fashion one from the head of one of her enemies—but I'm not advising you to do that. Please don't. No, instead, you should definitely buy this bag and have the same results. Men won't talk to you on the street when you're carrying this bag; at least, they don't talk to me when I have it on my arm. It's bliss.

Plus, despite what you might initially think, this bag is really versatile. At first, I figured it'd be a bag that I'd pull out of my closet now and then with a band tee and jeans, as a little fun accessory when going out. But there have been weeks on end where I've paired it with anything from a floral dress to a vintage suit; for a sculpted bag, the solid color and matte fabric make it basically a neutral—like leopard-print, only more goth. If you're not sure how you'll make a white handbag work, lucky for you, it's available in less anatomically correct, but far more bougie black velvet or black leather options. Still goth, though, through and through.

Killstar, Grave Digger Skull Handbag in Bone, $80, available at Killstar.

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