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Kim Kardashian Might Actually Be Really Good At This Whole Lawyer Thing

She's already assisted in freeing 17 incarcerated people

Kim Kardashian West, entrepreneur, reality TV star, and soon-to-be attorney, assisted in freeing 17 incarcerated people who were serving life sentences for low-level drug-related offenses over the past 90 days per TMZ.

While Kardashian still has a few more years of studies to go before she can actually advise legally on the behalf of incarcerated people, she's backing lawyers Brittany K. Barnett, co-founder of Buried Alive advocacy group, and MiAngel Cody, lawyer for The Decarceration Collective, as part of their 90 Days of Freedom campaign.

Kardashian's desire to become a lawyer came up during her advocacy for Alice Johnson, a 63-year-old great-grandmother who had been serving life in prison for over 20 years on a first-time, nonviolent drug-related crime. Should Kardashian pass her remaining three years of studies, I hope we can expect her to continue leveraging her privilege with her new legal knowledge and pushing for the release of more people.

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