Photos courtesy of Laundry Day


These Gorgeous Pipes Actually Double As Home Décor

And make me feel cooler when I smoke

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I'll admit: I'm a bit of a smoking snob—and not just when it comes to the weed itself. I like to make the act of getting high as luxurious as possible, so that smoking looks as nice as I'm going to feel once the THC hits. I've even been known to set mood lighting, change into my favorite loungewear, light candles, and curate playlists just for smoking. Obviously, an ugly pipe would ruin this whole setup. Sure, those spun-glass bodega pieces will get the job done, but at what cost to my own personal aesthetic?

But it's hard to find a really beautiful pipe, and so, even though I prefer smoking from a pipe over anything else, I've settled for rolling my own joints just so that I don't have to associate my weed with something I don't think is pretty. That is, until I came across Laundry Day, whose pipes have basically taken over my apartment. The elegant designs of these pieces are completely unlike anything else around, and they're the perfect addition to my always photo-worthy setup when I'm getting high. Not only are they made with beautifully colored glass, but their shapes are unique and special. There's the classic and elegant Charlotte, the graphic and modern Tanjun, and the Clio, designed to look like the female symbol.

Photo courtesy of Laundry Day

The pipes make me feel like I'm @gelcream when I use them during golden hour, when the light hits them perfectly and makes them glimmer. On top of that, the transparent, tinted glass highlights how much the smoke flowing through it looks like a cloud. This is beautiful enough when you're sober, but, as you get high, it becomes absolutely mesmerizing.

And, when they're not holding my weed, these pipes do double duty as my favorite living room decoration. I have one hanging on my wall, and it blends in well with the art I have hanging around it. There's another one artfully placed on my shelves along with my art books and other decor. When my girlfriend brings home flowers, I pluck one from the bunch and put it in the Millie sitting on our console table.

Needless to say, my entire smoking experience has gotten exponentially more aesthetically pleasing. I've never felt cooler while smoking than I do when I'm lounging in bed, wearing silk pajamas, and smoking out of a gorgeous pipe that glints in the sun. It's pure bliss.

Laundry Day, pipes starting at $45, available at Laundry Day.