The 11 Best, Most Aesthetically Pleasing Tarot & Oracle Card Decks

You won't want to put them down.

Whether you consider yourself a full-on witch, or just enjoy incorporating different elements into your self-care practice, using tarot and oracle cards are a great way to deepen your sense of self and examine your relationships with those around you.

While tarot is a more structured practice — always featuring a 78-card deck Major Arcana and Minor Arcana suites, covering major life lessons and day-to-day experiences respectively — oracle cards are far more open ended. Regardless of which you prefer, you can expect serious introspection if you're open to it.

Ahead, click through for 11 of the coolest and most modern tarot and oracle decks available today.


This funky deck from Holly Simple features the reimagined interpretations of each card's meaning, including new characters and stories while sticking to traditional symbolism. You can also find Oracle cards from the brand, of which Tallulah Willis is a fan.

ADAMJK OK Tarot Card Deck
Urban Outfitters

Illustrated by ADAMJK, this quirky, minimal deck is great for beginners. It features all 78 major + minor arcana while remaining completely agnostic and made for all genders, races, and ethnicities. Bonus: Can match all the other pink things you own.

A long-time favorite, this Modern Witch deck takes the style of the classic and intricate Rider-Waite deck and injects a diverse range of characters that reflect strong women in the world of tarot today.

Clean, modern, and colorful, this oracle deck “explores the connection between emotion, intuition, and color.” Within this gorgeous deck, each card is related to a specific energetic vibration created by the color to which it's commonly attributed.

As its name suggests, this oracle deck features minimal shapes and designs in primary colors.

With a more direct focus on self-care, this oracle deck invites you to ask yourself what it is that you need — whether that’s to be still, write a gratitude list, or get lost in music — to help you put yourself first.

These beautiful cards offer unique and intricate details like foil exteriors, holographic sides, and bold, vivid illustrations.

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From Virginia Woolf to Toni Morrison, this 70-card oracle deck offers wisdom and guidance from female literary icons to help you answer questions about your own creative life and spiritual journey.

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Tarot reader, writer, and witch Jerico Mandybur, offers an inclusive and empowering 78-card deck with relatable and easy to understand explanations for the profound symbolism of each card.

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This deck brings the playful kawaii aesthetic — the cutesy Japanese art style found in comics, TV, fashion, and more — into tarot with these sweet, pastel-colored designs.

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Designed by artist Charlie Quintero, this ultra-witchy deck features vibrant illustrations full of powerful feminine energy.

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