5 Black Astrologers To Follow Now

Add these horoscope mavens to your roster.

Just because you love reading one astrologer doesn’t mean you can't add a few more to your roster. There’s always room for new and nuanced perspectives, especially in the limitless world of the stars. The spotlight on Black content creators has shown brightly this summer, a concentrated media response of solidarity with the racial justice uprisings that flooded our streets after George Floyd’s death. While it may not solve the immediate problems of our dangerous infrastructures, it’s true that listening to and supporting the works of Black people who grapple with the world we live in and the events within it a step toward liberation. In the spirit of uplifting Black astrologers and the dynamic lens they bring to the ancient art of reading the stars, I’ve gathered the names of several people who can guide you expertly into the wild unknown and show you what you need to learn to be your better self, if you let them. These astrologers wear many hats, as teachers, intuitives, coaches, and activists. Their offerings are just as plentiful. From podcasts to classes to virtual meetups, they offer the gift of their insight and wisdom and we are lucky to receive them.

Kirah Tabourn

Kirah Tabourn of The Strology is an intuitive astrologer and an educator who offers personal astrological consultations (including sliding scale reading for QTBIPOC) and webinars; she also uses the whole-sign house system, if that’s your preference. I first noticed her work through her gorgeous project, NFLUX, an astro/esoteric magazine that celebrated people of color with interview features, guided rituals, and astrology insights. Through her Patreon, Tabourn has initiated a bi-weekly virtual meetup called Deep Seekers “where you get to vote on discussion topics, participate in Q&As and learn astrology in an intimate setting, for a super accessible price.”

Dayna Lynn Nuckolls

If you’re looking to get into Sidereal Astrology, look no further than Dayna Lynn Nuckolls. Her work at The People’s Oracle offers educational tools, intuitive guidance, and insights to get closer to liberation, a liberation she describes as “not only our political liberation, but our social, emotional, and spiritual liberation.” Of note is her writing on Saturn’s transit through Capricorn 2020-2023 in which she writes:

Mastery is a right relationship with control. It is finding the fulcrum point between imposing one’s will and surrendering to what is. Mastery is manipulating tools or a medium to reach a desired end. A master carpenter has accepted that a hammer is for driving nails and a saw is for cutting wood. It is only in this state of surrender that she comes to know how to use those tools to build.

Tracey L. Rogers

Tracey L. Rogers is an astrologer and a life coach who uses the tools of both trades to create an offering that helps seekers not only envision the life they want but pursue it. Besides the powerful astrology and life coaching packages available on her site, Rogers also offers an Unpacking Racism three session consultation bundle on which she writes:

The journey toward racial justice comes with hard work, hard feelings, constant effort and courageous conversations. You will be expected to bravely show up to our sessions together. But know that this will be a brave space filled with compassion, grace, love and respect.

She also hosts a podcast called Faith and Revolution that explores the role of spirituality in liberation movements.

Mecca Woods

If you haven’t checked out the work of Mecca Woods, it’s time you did. Her book Astrology for Happiness and Success is a wonderful resource that helps readers understand their own sign and offers tips for wellness and self-care based on that sign’s specific needs. Woods writes horoscopes for Bustle and offers personal consultations on her site. She’s also the cohost of an astro/pop culture podcast called Stars on Fire with fellow Sagittarius, Janelle Belgrave (a clairvoyant astrologer and healer not to be overlooked!). Recently, Mecca Woods launched an online course with Justin M. Williams called Astrology Made Easy that’s “for people who are really serious about taking their life to the next level.” It’s one of the most financially accessible astro-guidance tools out there, a gift.

Samuel Reynolds

Samuel Reynolds has spent over 25 years studying astrology and his well of knowledge seems undepletable. In fact, just following Samuel Reynolds on Twitter is a means to keep yourself rich in astrological insights. But, more is more and Reynolds’ offers readings, classes, and weekly astro-meditations and affirmations on his personal site. If a class on astrology is what you’re after, Reynolds offers both one-one-one and group classes that are synthesis of Hellenistic, Medieval, and modern astrology and tailored to different levels. If you’d rather let someone else do the work, Reynolds offers private astrology consultations that “combine street-wise insights with heavenly movements for smarter, healthier, and more prosperous living.”