Tips on how to pick the best candle for manifesting


The Best Candles For Manifesting— And How To Use Them

Here's how to manifest using candles, according to a diviner.

Manifestation has become a buzzword over the past three years, seeping into cultural dialogue. You’ve probably heard someone say, “I manifested that,” or come across a spiritual worker on TikTok claiming that you can simply manifest the life you want. In fact, on TikTok alone, the hashtag #manifestation has 15 billion views, and between March and July Google searches for the term rose by 669 percent.

The basic premise of manifestation is simple — you intention-set by focusing your thoughts on the desired outcome until it happens. It’s part of psychological thought that became popularized by books like The Secret, but there are many conflicting messages. Inundated with so much information online, it can be hard to know how to start or what exactly you should manifest — some videos even suggest you can even manifest physical attractiveness. There are a number of ways to engage in the practice, but one popular way involves using candles not just for the vibe, but because fire spiritually represents will. If magic is all about intention, candle magic takes that intention and literally ignites it.

For those looking to intention-set using candles, Los Angeles-based diviner Porsche Little, who offers tarot readings through her Instagram account, sets out a few basic steps, which we’ve outlined below.

Prepare Your Space

First, make sure you and your space are spiritually cleansed. “You can do this by using sage or frankincense and myrrh,” she says. Once you’ve cleared your space, the next step is to write all of your intentions down in detail. Try to be as specific as possible. For example, instead of writing down that you want a relationship, write down specific qualities you’re looking for in a partner.

Think Ahead and Schedule Your Manifesting Session

“Doing manifestations on a particular day will benefit you and your spell work.” For example, Little recommends, “if you wanted to manifest new opportunities inside of your life, using a new moon would work best,” she says. “If you wanted to manifest love, candles burned on a Friday would be great and there are other ways you can make your candle stronger, but the most important rule is for you set the intentions and claim it for yourself.” Some people add oils, scents, and glitter, which Little says can add personalization to a manifesting ritual but aren’t necessary.

Pick a Color

Little says that some people will argue that certain candle colors work best for certain needs. “Brown is great for grounding, green is great for manifesting money, and red is great for passion,” she lists. “But you can use any color as long as the intention is there.”

Shop Thoughtfully

When it comes to sourcing your candles, “I recommend you go with what intuitively works for you,” says Little. Be sure to “visit your local botanica and support the community brujas,” Little adds. That’s right, support your local diviners! Little recommends staying away from buying candles from Amazon and big corporate companies that “leech off of the spiritual community.” Little herself has her own spiritual bath product, Eshu’s Ashe, which should be used while also “lighting a white candle and praying to Eleggua (a deity) for the things that you need to be removed, the pitfalls you need to be fixed, and the roads you wish to see open,” she explains.

If, after Little’s advice, you’re still not sure where to start, here are the best manifestation candles to get you started.

Best Candles for Manifesting in 2022

Abundance Magic Candle
House of Intuition

At House of Intuition, the selection of magic candles spans a range of intentions. There are candles for success, money, and all of your possible manifestations. (We’ll take one of each, please.)

Healing Energy Candle

On Etsy, there are a number of homemade candles from spiritual workers. This healing energy candle is a 100% Eco-soy wax candle made with natural and essential oils, crystals, dried flowers, and herbs. The chosen blend helps support those seeking aid in healing energy.