'Selling Sunset' Star Bre Tiesi On Bad Dates, The Paranormal, & More
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Bre Tiesi Has Never Been On A Bad Date

The Selling Sunset star takes on the NYLON 19.

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The women on Selling Sunset are some of the hardest working reality TV stars out there. Not only are they traversing construction sites in sky-high stilettos, they’re also hustling to sell multi-million dollar homes — all while dodging the interpersonal minefields that are the heart and soul of reality television.

But Bre Tiesi has bigger things to worry about than the drama. Selling Sunset’s coolest new agent is also a new mom — who gave birth to her first son with Nick Cannon just six weeks before Season 6 started filming.

“It was honestly the hardest thing I've ever done,” Tiesi tells NYLON. “As a new mom, I really didn't know what to expect, My mentality is like, I got it, I'll figure it out. It'll be fine. But sleep deprivation is real. Hormones are real, postpartum is real as f*ck. It was definitely the hardest, most humbling, like crazy thing that I've ever been through, but also like the most exciting and beautiful.”

Tiesi, who is known on the show for being a hard-working, straight shooter says that working on a show like Selling Sunset, in particular, was challenging: It’s a show where there are no schedules or set times; a show where you have to have your wardrobe ready at a moments notice — it was a lesson in letting go.

“I think it also was a big lesson in releasing some of the overbearing OCD planner in me because I literally couldn't do anything about it,” Tiesi says. “I'm like, f*ck it, whatever.”

While Selling Sunset is gearing up for a seventh season, Tiesi takes on the NYLON 19, sharing her hangover cures and the number one question she never wants to be asked again.

1. What’s your astrological sign (and do you believe in it)?

I believe I’m a Taurus. That's how much I don't know about all of these things. I think that's the month I'm born in. But I do think those qualities are actually pretty accurate. Very stubborn. I'm definitely a bull. I'm very loyal to a fault. We're definitely hard-headed and a little bit more difficult.

2. Do you believe in ghosts (and have you ever seen one)?

I do believe in ghosts. I don't know if I believe in it in the way they try to tell us that they're here type of thing. But I definitely believe in more of the paranormal side.

3. What’s your go-to drink order? (And if it's boozy, what’s your go-to hangover cure?)

I love espresso martinis, but with tequila, or a spicy margarita. My hangover cure is hair of the dog. You have to have a beer or have another drink, and then I just need some Excedrin, a sh*t ton of coconut water and water, and hopefully a nap. Not that I'm getting any of that these days.

4. Who would be the three headliners of the music festival of your dreams?

Rihanna. Probably Drake, or Chris Brown. They're probably a tie for me.

5. What’s the weirdest snack that you make?

I think I just eat random ass things. I'll eat like turkey with spicy mustard, but then I'll have a protein muffin. I just eat weird things together all the time.

6. What’s a bad habit of yours that you’ve been meaning to fix?

Trying to work or answer things on my phone while I'm doing something and I know that I really do not have the brain capacity to even be entertaining this message. I think I need to stop trying. I need to not open texts and reply to people and do things until I'm ready and able. But that's kind of hard when you have a kid.

7. Describe your worst date in three words.

I can't really say I've had like a bad date. I don't really date, so even if I do, I don't put myself in a position to really be on a real date. Like I don't just go out to dinner with a random person. It would have to be a group thing or we'd be meeting at an event or something, but I can't say I've had like a real one-on-one date like that.

7. What was the last DM you received?

I actually think it was from my makeup artist.

9. If you could be in any music video, what would it be?

I feel like something Beyoncé would be f*cking epic. You never know what she's gonna do. “Lemonade” would have probably been my favorite one though.

10. What was your first concert, and what are your memories of it?

I have a phobia of like public places, like sporting events and concerts. I think the first time I ever went to one I was like 26. I wanna say it was Drake in Paris.

11. What was your favorite movie as a kid?

I was obsessed with The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

12. What’s your favorite meme/internet joke and why?

Oh, well I really like the ones about my baby daddy. They really crack me up. Whatever's in the news, I just feel like the internet is undefeated. So like anything that's going on, it's just so good.

13. What’s your go-to breakup song?

It has to be a country song. “Whiskey Glasses” was always a good one.

14. What is your favorite red carpet look of all time worn by someone else?

I feel like Kim [Kardashian]’s are just so iconic.

15. What is one thing everyone should buy that is under $10?

I don't know what is under $10. I feel like nothing is under $10 anymore. I feel like life is too f*cking expensive. I feel like, Chapstick? I don't even think pepper spray is $10.

16. What reality show would you most like to appear on?

Well, I'm already on reality show. I feel like there isn't that many unless you're on Real Housewives. I don't do dating shows. I definitely don't wanna be trying to survive nowhere that's not a beach or vacation. Probably this. Or I would do something fun like Dancing with the Stars.

17. What is your best beauty tip or trick?

Just to be consistent with your beauty care regimens.

18. What is one question you never want to be asked again?

Anything about my baby daddy or Chelsea [Lazkani, her Selling Sunset co-star.]

19. What is your favorite fast food place?

Sadly, I would say it's Taco Bell.

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