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Christine Quinn’s Most Iconic Selling Sunset Moments

All hail Christine Quinn, our favorite glamazon reality TV star, without whom, there would be no Selling Sunset.

Without Christine Quinn, there is no Selling Sunset. She brings the necessary absurdity to a show that would otherwise take itself and its million dollar homes and celebrity clients all too seriously. The reality star makes a splash whenever she’s on screen, from her floor-grazing hair extensions to her Barbie pink heels to her penchant for quoting Britney Spears. Quinn will not be returning to Selling Sunset’s sixth season, a heartbreak for her many fans, but a decision that’s not entirely unexpected — she’s always been playing leagues above her costars. Ahead, 10 of Quinn’s most memorable Selling Sunset moments.

When she threw a Botox and burgers party

Christine had the genius idea to make one of her open houses “Botox and burgers” themed, where guests got Botox on site. You can’t say this girl doesn’t know LA.


When she said, “Only my tits are fake, I’m not fake.”

In Season 1, during one of her many infamous feuds with Chrishell Stause, she said her truth: “Only my tits are fake, I’m not fake.” Say what you want about Quinn, but she tells it like it is. "I tell people all the time: I got my boobs done, I get my lips done, tons of Botox, tons of makeup," she later told Vogue in 2020.

When she got a zebra for her engagement party

"It's just gonna be casual,” Quinn told an unsuspecting party planner. “I just want, like, stuff going on, like no big deal." Only no big deal to Christine meant a live zebra. She also inquired about Cirque du Soleil performers. “Can you fly them in from Vegas?"


When she had a Gothic Ice Queen wedding

Christine’s million-dollar wedding was fit for a royal, with fake snow, $50,000 black feathered Galia Lahav wedding gowns (plural), four foot-tall gargoyle ice sculptures, and onyx-tinted champagne. The most Christine detail? A cake that bled when you cut into it. (The blood was strawberry balsamic.)


When she speed dialed Louis Vuitton reps while her husband was asleep

“We don’t really talk about money but, if I want something, I have been known to go in his wallet, take out his American Express, take a picture, send it to the salesperson,” Quinn said. “He has some alerts on his phone. So I have my Louis Vuitton rep on speed dial so when he’s sleeping. I’ll have her buy a purse and then, and then I’ll delete the notification while he’s sleeping. Some call it fraud, I call it love."


When she sent Heather a heart-shaped floral arrangement the size of a Hummer

Christine wasn’t invited to Heather’s bridal shower, but she made her presence known, with a massive floral arrangement of red roses in the shape of a heart, so big it wouldn’t fit through the door. It was a gift better fit for, I don’t know, Christine herself, and had the aura of a last grand gesture to save a flailing marriage. Incredible television!


When she wore a diamond-encrusted chair purse

At the height of purposeless glamor, in one episode, Quinn carried a tiny diamond-encrusted tiny chair purse that doesn’t hold a single thing. “You don’t hold anything,” she said to Jason when he chuckled at it. “It’s a fashion statement.”


When she called a 10,000-square-foot house “small”

Christine and her husband needed a need house because their five-bedroom house was just too small for both of them. “It doesn’t need to be huge, just like, 10,000 square feet at least,” she told Jason, who said that that is indeed a huge house. “It depends who you ask, I guess,” she said, specifying that she needs a room for her closets (again, plural).


When she didn’t know what a cabin was

In one episode, Heather was celebrating in the office after her and her then fiancé purchased a cabin. Quinn was underwhelmed by celebration, to say the least. “What the f*ck is a cabin? I really don’t know,” she said. “I know you can have cabin fever?”


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