Deepica Mutyala On Setting Aside Our Individual Needs For What’s Best For the Country

"I’m so proud to see a woman on the ballot yet again, and I hope to see her in The White House."

by Deepica Mutyala
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Welcome to NYLON's Election Diaries a new series of political op-eds. Leading up to the 2020 presidential election, we're asking some of our favorite voices in music, fashion, and pop culture to write down their thoughts leading up to this monumental day, including their hopes, fears, and everything in between. Today, Deepica Mutyala, founder of Live Tinted, opens up about supporting women and BIPOC, and the threat individualism poses to America.

It’s safe to say that my thoughts about this upcoming election are anything but a secret. I’ve been extremely vocal on my platforms to try and encourage those in my community, especially young voters, to speak up and speak out about what they believe in. Even though I now find myself entrenched in everything surrounding this election, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, I really only started to get involved with politics during the last election season in 2016. It was the first time in history that a woman was representing a major party in the presidential election, and I couldn’t help but feel connected to her as a female entrepreneur. I strongly believe in supporting other women leaders, especially when that leader is a presidential nominee.

Fast forward to 2020 and arguably one of the most important elections of our lifetime, and not much has changed. I feel deeply connected to this election, and the fact that a South Asian woman is running as Vice President takes it to another level. I’m so proud to see a woman on the ballot yet again, and I hope to see her in The White House.

I’m so proud to see a woman on the ballot yet again, and I hope to see her in The White House.

That being said, I’m obviously nervous, too. Our country is becoming increasingly partisan, and we have to separate our individual needs with what’s best for the country in order to move forward. There is so much hostility in the air, and honestly, I’m fearful of all the hate. The election can bring out the worst in people, and it reveals how nasty people really are behind closed doors (good riddance to those!). I know our country can come together for the greater good, and I’m hoping that the leaders in this next administration are the ones to accomplish it.

Another issue that I have spoken openly about and is close to my heart is celebrating people of all different cultures. I’ve always advocated for women and BIPOC through my platform, and the main reason I founded my beauty brand, LIVE TINTED, is because a video I posted showing how I used red lipstick to color correct went viral. This one video has helped millions of men and women with different skin types, colors and backgrounds, and proves that we all have more in common than we realize. While yes, I love beauty, providing solutions and celebrating underrepresented people in beauty, and their journeys with culture and identity is really at the heart of what I do. I pride myself on having built a strong multicultural community over the years, and since I know my followers value my opinion, I think that’s why it’s so critical that I use my platform for a greater good. Beyond discussing the issues I believe in, I’ve been focusing on getting people to register and most importantly to go out and actually VOTE, and I plan on continuing to do so until voting is officially over.

It all comes down to doing what’s right. Whether it’s the popular thing to do or not, you have to fight for those who have been fighting for themselves for so long already. I can’t say it enough. I’m looking forward to voting and post-election life (preferably with a woman in office). Hopefully, the country will be moving in a positive direction that makes everyone feel safer and proud to be an American.

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