July 2020's Full Moon In Capricorn Is A Call To Action

See what the full moon in Capricorn has in store for you.

If a change is gonna come, how do we know when it gets here? There is no distinct line, after all, between what came before and what comes next — except, possibly, the line of our bodies anchoring us in the present moment. While we stand indebted to the past, we are patrons of the future. This July 4th weekend, just after the close of the day the U.S. has marked year after year, as the birth of our independence, our full moon lunar eclipse perfects in Capricorn and asks us to find our own bodies in the timeline of change. It charges us to figure out what we are actively willing to do for true independence. Not from a distant country that was once our country’s sovereign, but from the imperialist instinct that is this country’s inheritance.

Mars in Aries forming a square to the full moon in Capricorn drives us away from old dominant values and towards a living concept of infrastructure that has evolved towards compassion. This reckoning pulls apart who has had the privilege of being human, and interrogates what liberty and justice for all would really mean. Capricorn has an attachment to structures and is drawn to fixing what’s broken but Aries knows that when the fault is in the foundation, the instinct to reform must give way to the need for demolition, abolition, and the construction of something new entirely.

A trine from Uranus in Taurus to the moon in Capricorn encourages this reckoning, maintaining a spiritual flow between awakening and action. Uranus charges the eclipse with erratic emotions and one can either spin out into destructive impulses or channel all that pent up energy into something that feeds purposeful change.

To choose between chaos and construction is not an easy choice but Mercury forms a square to Mars and a sextile to Uranus, making the choice an informed one. This powerful combination of aspects, forming an opposition to the eclipse, offers us the tools to figure just what it really means, to not just talk about change but, to change our minds.

Since so much of our reality is perception, since so much of what we can process is what we allow ourselves to, even our tactile senses succumb to the information our minds receive and interpret. To touch, to taste, to keep listening, to tune out, to stay for the hard work. When it comes to the stuff that matters, to change your mind is to not only transform what you think, but how.