Blake Lively and Penn Badgley in the original 'Gossip Girl'
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All The Messy Love Triangles From ‘Gossip Girl’

All hail the Vanessa, Dan, and Hilary Duff threesome!

Gossip Girl has gifted us with an endless number of absurd plotlines, like when Serena thinks she kills someone or when Dan and Georgina almost have a baby. Turns out that in addition to rabid chaos, Gossip Girl’s writers are also big fans of the triangle shape, putting together a seemingly endless combination of romances that include every possible character combination. Similar to how the contact lists of characters in TV shows include only the other characters in the show, there are only so many romances to milk between less than a dozen characters. Here, we break down the wildest and most persistent love triangles that dominate and define Gossip Girl.

Rufus, Lily, and Bart

The best teen dramas usually offer some eye candy for parents watching with their kids — and Rufus Humphrey was made for moms across America to lust after his hemp necklaces and the rolled-up sleeves of his flannel. Which is why it’s perplexing that Lily would continue to go back to Bass, who was maybe hot when he was guest-starring on Sex And The City, but proves again and again to be cartoon villain-level evil, especially after he tries to kill his own son! But he’s rich, and for all Lily likes to talk big game about using her trust fund to hang out backstage with Sonic Youth, all she really wants is a big, fat Cartier ring.