What You Need To Know About The Great Conjunction, Straight From A Pro Astrologer

Here's what the coming together of Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky has in store for you.

If you follow a good number of astrologers — or if you’ve had your ear to the cosmic ground — you might have heard the phrase "Great Conjunction" floating around. Truth is, even if your interests lie closer to science syndicates and farther from the esoteric sphere, the Great Conjunction is great enough to be on your radar. Even NASA has something to say about it!

So, what is it and why is it so great? The Great Conjunction is the coming together of Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky. While these celestial bodies appear to pass each other every 20 years, this year’s event — occurring on winter solstice — is incredibly special. In astronomical terms, Bill Keeter of NASA writes: “What makes this year’s spectacle so rare, then? It’s been nearly 400 years since the planets passed this close to each other in the sky, and nearly 800 years since the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter occurred at night, as it will for 2020, allowing nearly everyone around the world to witness this 'great conjunction.'"

These facts alone are exciting enough to make an Earthling take notice, but what of the astrological significance? To help us observe this transit from an astrological perspective, I connected with fellow astrologer Alexandria Lettman, an intuitively gifted practitioner and the SoulUnity's resident astrologer, who uses the cosmos to offer guidance on soul healing and ascension. In her practice, Lettman seeks to share the deeper, karmic meanings surrounding global events and collective energy shifts so, I knew she’d be just right for putting this global event into astrological context. Read on for our conversation.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexandria Lettman

Let's begin where so many astrologers seem to end up: The Great Conjunction as a sign that enlightenment and evolution are just around the turbulent river bend. In your opinion, could a meeting of these two cosmic powerhouses really bode so well, or do Jupiter and Saturn have rougher lessons up their sleeves?

I believe it's both! The Great Conjunction is neither a positive nor a negative force. Jupiter is additive energy ruling expansion, good fortune, spirituality, philosophy, and optimism. Whereas Saturn is subtractive energy, ruling karma, tests, limitations, fear, and structure. They balance each other out pretty well. However, when this conjunction unfolds under the archetype of Aquarius, Saturn actually holds greater power over Jupiter as Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius (he is in "domicile," his highest power) meaning his themes/energy will shine brighter. We should expect shifts to the collective consciousness that align us on a better path, but we should not assume that collective ascension or enlightenment is within reach just yet, as this is subject to people being open to ascend at this moment in time. This is a very rose-tinted way of perceiving this energy that doesn't take into account the whole picture.

As a collective, we're shifting from cardinal, Earth energy (Capricorn) to a new, fixed, Air energy (Aquarius). With this will come changes to the structure and formation of our society, a greater sense of community, humanitarianism, modernization, technological, scientific, and medical progressions and, of course, evolution. This all sounds desirable and pretty positive when we don't take into account the themes of Saturn alongside of this. None of this is possible without the discomfort of learning lessons, taking responsibility for our mistakes, and dismantling toxic structures before we can build anew. Saturn brings forth the themes of Karma (inevitable changes and consequences), time (the effects of this conjunction will linger for a while), and limitations (struggles with coming together).

If you consciously choose to lean into the healing aspects of the Great Conjunction, use this as an opportunity to align with your higher self, start fresh and put your best foot forward to the world, you will feel as though these energies bode well together. However, if you're holding onto the past, resisting change, being ego-centric and not learning the lessons that are brought to light during this time, you will find it tougher to navigate this transit. That goes for us as individuals and how well we work together as a community.

If one were to lean into, as you say, the healing aspects of The Great Conjunction, what would that look like? Do you reckon that there's a daily practice or meditation that would prove exceedingly beneficial? Something that might serve most people despite our overall differences?

There are so many healing practices that can be done during this shift! The emphasis is on self-care, and I think it's a large misconception that soul healing always should be an elaborate ritual. Taking five to ten minutes out of your daily routine (preferably in the morning) to slow down and do some free-flowing movement exercises (yoga, dancing, stretching, jogging), to meditate and visualize an illuminating ball of energy flowing through your Chakra column from crown to root Chakra and into the ground below you, or to journal and write down everything you're physically, mentally, and emotionally experiencing at that moment are all deeply beneficial practices. Consistent self-care practices are vital during intense energy shifts such as The Great Conjunction, as these are often a time when heightened confusion, exhaustion, and overwhelming, fluctuating emotions can arise. The focus should be on listening to our bodies, being compassionate with ourselves, taking breaks when we need them, and only consuming things that benefit our higher selves. This is also a time for renewal; setting intentions, manifesting, writing down our plans, goals and dreams and reciting affirmations will be extra powerful on this day.

How does your practice of Evolutionary Astrology inform your understanding of transits like this one? What do you think someone might get out of booking a reading with you during a major collective shift?

In Evolutionary Astrology, we observe all the celestial transits and collective energy shifts through a spiritual and karmic lens to understand why this is all unfolding, how it will affect us, and what the lessons and next steps for us are in this moment. There is divine purpose and meaning behind everything, and in the same way that we accumulate our own karmic lessons and wounds, we also accumulate this karma as a global community and human race. This is where my work comes in. My readings offer direction on how to use these portals which open during major transits to raise your vibrations and evolve from where you are now. I work with my clients to build a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the cosmos in a way that’s tailored to them, their unique birth chart, and their life experiences. Together, we discuss which areas of their lives will be activated and transformed by the transits, what karmic lessons will surface as a result of this energy, and which next steps they should take in order to heal this area and take another step towards their soul purpose.