Illustrated by Jihyang Lim


Instagram Galleries Are Now Available To Us Regulars

Multiple images for all

Instagram's case for inciting FOMO continues with its new gallery update. Beginning today, users have the capability to upload multiple images per Instagram post, creating a mini gallery of sorts. It's an option the social platform's advertisers have been using for about two years, one you've most likely discovered by accident and ultimately thumbed past on your way to your next double-tap on a thirst trap.

The update is intuitive; users can upload a max of 10 images or videos to live as one Instagram post. Each upload can be edited singularly or as a batch, but will ultimately be packaged with one caption and location tag. The square format is currently the only format capable of being used. To change the image order of the gallery, users simply press, hold, and drag left or right. Instagram sees this update as a more permanent version of Instagram Stories, a way to share a complete experience without spamming your feed with multiple uploads (and, let's be real, sacrificing likes because no one appreciates double-tapping on three posts from the same night that basically show the same thing). Crazy how Facebook albums faded from view so Instagram galleries could live. Hello, FOMO!