Kylie Jenner Just Added “Canned-Cocktail Founder” To Her Résumé

One of her direct competitors will be her sister Kendall.

Kylie Jenner has had a busy month. The founder of an eponymous cosmetics brand is gearing up to release a debut fragrance called Cosmic, and has just dropped the fourth collection of her clothing brand Khy — but she’s also been working on an entirely new business. On March 5, Jenner announced the release of Sprinter, a line of canned vodka sodas.

Her new venture comes in four fruit flavors: black cherry, peach, grapefruit, and lime. According to the brand, the upcoming release comes after a year of testing by Chandra Richter, a beverage development expert, and Kylie herself. In a press release, Jenner describes it as the “best-tasting vodka soda” she’s ever tried. “And I’ve tried a lot,” she says.

But why vodka sodas? The 26-year-old has previously said that yerba mate is her favorite drink and has been spotted drinking tequila, so we have a few questions about where the premise comes from. (And the name, though it does have a memorable, jaunty quality to it.)

Kylie isn’t the first person in her family to venture into the beverage space — her sister Kendall is the founder of 818 Tequila, while her model friend Bella Hadid cofounded the non-alcoholic brand Kin Euphorics. With Sprinter, Kylie officially throws her hat into the ring of the famous person’s beverage market.

The drinks will be available in an eight-can variety pack starting March 21.