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43 Legitimately Awesome Things Under $20 On Amazon You've Never Heard Of

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If you ask me, the easiest way to save money is to simply not spend it in the first place — but that's easier said than done. No matter how hard I try to resist pulling out my credit card, I still find myself making purchases on a daily basis. So rather than trying (and failing) to save money yet again, I've made a deal with myself: I can buy stuff, but only if it's something legitimately awesome and under $20 (and preferably something I've never heard of before).

I mean, what's more exciting than a brand new product that isn't too pricey? Just take the stainless steel butter spreader, for example. Not only does it work like a standard butter knife, but it also curls tiny strands that are easier to spread and melt than standard slices. There are more products where that came from, though — and because I know I've gotten tired of seeing the same products everywhere, I've made sure that this list is full of items you've probably never heard of.

So what are you waiting for? There are tons of legitimately awesome Amazon products available for less than $20, so go ahead and discover your new faves. With the holiday-season sales in full swing, BDG’s editors are rounding up a few bonus can’t-miss deals. Shop them while they last:

With more than 55,000 Amazon ratings, this set of satin pillowcases has earned legions of fans — and for good reason. The pillowcases feel silky soft and look incredibly luxe. Your skin will be convinced these are real silk, but thanks to their durable satin-polyester construction you get the feel of silk with none of the fussy washing instructions.


SALE: 15% Off These Fan-Favorite Drawing Pens

Add a pop of color to any page with this 18-pack of fine-point art pens. The #1 best-selling product in the drawing pens category on Amazon, they have garnered more than 70,000 reviews and an overall 4.7-star rating. They feature a 0.38-millimeter tip and nicely pigmented water-based ink that's ideal for everything from drawing to journaling.

These Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up razors are so handy. Not only are they perfect for grooming and shaping your brows, but you can also use them for dermaplaning (aka removing all the peach fuzz off your skin so your makeup glides on more smoothly). Right now, these cult-favorite tools, which boast over 100,000 Amazon reviews, are being sold in a pack of three for a bargain price.

Tired of iPhone charging cables that don't last? That won't be a problem with these super durable 10-foot lightning cables from CyvenSmart, which are made from strong copper wire covered in braided nylon and have an additional protective layer near the ends of each cable. The cords are MFi-certified to work with Apple products, and Amazon reviewers are big fans, with more than 24,000 reviewers giving them an overall rating of 4.6 stars.


SALE: 72% Off A Value-Pack Of Face Masks With 22,000 Reviews

Always have a fresh mask at the ready with this fan-favorite 100-pack. They're made with three layers of fabric for solid protection, yet are still breathable, and have an adjustable nose clip for proper fit. Super elastic ear loops ensure they're comfy for long stretches, which reviewers love — nearly 22,000 people rate them 4.5 stars.

This touchless thermometer takes quick and accurate temperature readings with the touch of a button. It runs on AAA batteries, which are included, so you can use it anywhere — and if you click the coupon box, you can save an additional 5% off.


A Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp

Just add a dollop of shampoo to this brush, and then massage it into your scalp to wash away dirt and grime. The bristles are made from soft silicone that are not only gentle, but can also help stimulate blood flow. Plus, the handle on the back helps you keep a firm grip when wet.


This On-The-Go Shaving Kit For When You're Traveling

With a miniature spritzer, soap bar, and razor, this shaving kit is perfect for quick touch-ups during the day. All the pieces come neatly packaged in a convenient travel case, and one reviewer even raved that "it has definitely saved me before going into an interview or a meeting."


A Soap-Like Stainless Steel Bar That Helps Remove Unwanted Odors

Just rub this stainless steel bar of "soap" between your hands — with or without water — and it'll quickly absorb any unwanted odors. It's great for getting rid of persistent food smells from fish, onions, or even garlic. Plus, it's infinitely reusable.


A Popcorn Popper That Doubles As A Giant, Collapsible Bowl

By using this bowl, you can pop up to 15 cups of popcorn in one sitting — and it even collapses down for easy storage once you're done. It's also made from food-grade silicone that's BPA- as well as PVC-free, and it's available in over 15 colors.


This Gadget That Helps Keep Your Coffee Warm

If you find that your coffee turns cold before you finish drinking it, you can easily keep it toasty with this mug warmer. Simply keep your mug on top, and the 17-watt heater will get your drink warm in about two minutes. The best part? It features an extra-long power cable so that you can use it all over your home or office.


This Insert That Helps Organize Your Purse

It can be easy to lose track of your belongings if your purse doesn't have very many pockets, so grab this handy insert. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit nearly any purse, while the 13 pockets give you space to organize everything from keys to hair accessories.


The Funnel That Helps Prevent Spills While Combining Liquids

The next time you need to transfer liquids from one bottle to another, make sure you have this funnel on hand. Unlike regular funnels, this one is designed to hold one bottle upside-down and on top of another. Since it connects them together, it even helps prevent spills and messes.


A Pack Of Silicone Lids For Your Pet Food Cans

You don't have to waste plastic wrap covering up your opened pet food cans — just pop one of these silicone lids over it. They're food-grade as well as BPA-free. Plus, each lid is designed to fit small, medium, as well as large-sized cans.


A Shower Head That Filters Impurities From Water

With its multi-layer filtration system, this shower head is designed to remove impurities from your water before they reach your skin and hair. The universal fit means it should easily work with nearly any type of shower hose — and no tools are necessary for installation.

You've got options when it comes to this phone stand. Hang it around your neck while biking so that you can follow your GPS hands-free, or even stand it up on a table the next time you want to watch a video. It's made from tough aluminum, and the phone clamp even rotates.


A Drain Protector Made From Stainless Steel

Since this drain protector is made from stainless steel, there's no need to worry about it growing rusty over time. Any loose hairs or debris that float its way are immediately snagged around the bottom to help your pipes stay clear. Plus, it won't impede the flow of water down your drain.


The Facial Scrubber Brush That Looks Like A Cute Jellyfish

I think we can both agree that this jellyfish face scrubber is undeniably cute. It's made from soft silicone that's suitable for sensitive complexions, while the soft bristles reach deep to cleanse dirt from clogged pores. Plus, the thick bristles on the end are great for massaging your face.


The "Angry Mama" Kitchen Accessory That Helps Clean Your Microwave

Your mother is too busy to come clean your microwave, but this "angry mama" kitchen accessory is ready to go at a moment's notice. Just fill her up with a mix of vinegar, water, and lemon juice, and then pop her into your microwave for about five minutes. Once it's done, you should be able to easily wipe away any stuck-on stains with a paper towel.


These Unique Kitchen Tongs That Double As Spatulas

With wide spatulas at both ends, these tongs make it easy to grab nearly anything in your kitchen — from slippery noodles to fried chicken tenders. The spatula tips are made from silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, while the locking mechanism allows for compact storage.


A Claw That Helps Your Meats Thaw Faster

Forget to take something out of the freezer for dinner? You'll be glad you picked up this thaw claw. Simply attach it to the bottom of your sink using the built-in suction cup, fill it with warm water, then hook your frozen meat underneath the claw. It can help meat thaw up to seven times faster, and it should work with any sink.


A Tiny Vacuum Cleaner That Tackles Tiny Messes

Dust, crumbs, hairs — you name it, and this tiny vacuum can suck it right up to help your work station stay clean. All it needs are two AA batteries (which are not included). And since it's completely cordless, you can easily maneuver it all over without having to worry about cables getting snagged.


These Claws That Help You Shred Meat

Tired of the same sliced chicken and steak for dinner? Try shredding your protein next time with these meat claws. They're made from resin that's heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can even use them as tongs in a pinch.


A Spatula That Helps You Get Every Last Drop From Product & Condiment Bottles

Can't get those last few bits of lotion or ketchup out of the bottle? This tiny spatula has an extra-long handle that reaches deep inside of nearly any bottle — and since the blade is curved, it's easy to scrape along curved walls. Plus, it's completely BPA-free.


The Eyelash Curler That Delivers Dramatic Results

When you need your eyes to really pop, this heated eyelash curler can help style your lashes for ultra-dramatic results. The temperature is adjustable up to two levels, and the battery is easily recharged via USB. Each order also comes with a cleaning brush.

Regular headphones are too bulky to comfortably nap in, whereas the speakers in this pair are covered with soft fabric that won't leave your ears sore. They also work great for keeping your ears warm while running outside, and the rechargeable battery even lasts for more than eight hours.


These Makeup Remover Pads That Are Reusable

Not only are these makeup remover pads reusable, but they're also made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo that feels oh-so soft against your skin. Each order also comes with a travel drawstring bag, and they're even 100% biodegradable.


A Magnetic Organizer For Bobby Pins, Clippers, & More

Just stick this magnetic organizer inside of a drawer, and you'll instantly have a convenient place to keep all your small metal items. It works great with bobby pins, nail clippers, nuts, bolts, and more — and it's made from chic bamboo that complements any style or home decor.


The Toe Separators That Can Help Alleviate Pain

Whether your feet are feeling sore from standing all day or plantar fasciitis, these toe separators can help bring some relief. They're made from medical-grade gel that's stretchy as well as soft, and wearing them can even help improve your blood circulation.

Got credit cards or cash you'd like to keep out of sight? Just stash them inside of the hidden pocket in these scrunchies. They're made from premium velvet, and the hair tie inside is strong enough for thicker manes. Many reviewers even raved about how they're "super soft."

Just pop this cover on top of your overflow drain, and you'll be able to add inches to your bathwater the next time you want an extra-deep soak. The suction cups on the back keep it held firmly in place, and it's large enough to fit most drains.


The Scissors With A Built-In Cutting Board

Forget to add a few things to your dish? With the built-in cutting board on these scissors, you can easily chop up your ingredients directly over the stove. The blade is made from rust-resistant stainless steel — and the entire tool dissembles for cleaning.


These Ceramic Coasters Made For Your Car Cup Holders

Tired of discovering your cupholders are caked in grime? Pop one of these coasters down inside, and they'll keep your cupholders clean from dirt. The designs are fade-resistant against the sun, and each one is made from chic ceramic — not plastic.


A Splashguard To Help Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Tired of winding up with a soapy countertop after you've washed your dishes? Then it's time to add this splashguard to your sink. The suction cups mean it'll stay in place (even if it gets wet), and it's wide enough to fit most sinks.


The Measuring Cups That Are Collapsible

Not only are these measuring cups and spoons engraved so that the measurement markings don't fade away, but the cups are also collapsible so that they don't take up a ton of drawer space. They're BPA-free, and one reviewer even wrote, "They fold up so easily to keep in my drawer but then they pop open and stay open when needed."


A Cupholder For Your Bathtub (& Yes, It Holds Wine Glasses)

Whether you're taking a bath or shower, this cupholder will still hold your wine, beer, or canned soda while you bathe. The strong suction cup on the back keeps it firmly secured to your tub wall or shower tile. Plus, it can hold up to 7 pounds without detaching.


This Night Light That Snaps Into Your Outlet Cover

Add these night lights to your outlet covers, and they'll help guide the way down dark hallways when you get up in the middle of the night. Installation is as easy as snapping them in (no tools required), and the LED bulb is energy-efficient.


These Drops That Help Remove Sulfites & Tannins From Your Wine

Give your glass of red or white a few of these wine droplets, and they can help remove sulfites and tannins within the liquid. They only take about 20 seconds to work, and each bottle comes with enough for up to 55 glasses of wine.


The Knife That Makes It Easier To Spread Butter

I can't count how many times I've ripped up a bagel trying to spread cold butter, but this knife solves that problem. The slots along the blade allow you to curl the butter into thin, spreadable pieces that can be spread onto your bread, while the stainless steel construction means it'll last for years to come.


This Dish Rack That Rolls Out Over Your Sink

Regular dish racks take up a ton of counter space, whereas this one utilizes the wasted space over your sink. Any drips from your dishes gradually make their way down the drain instead of dirtying up a drip tray, and you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch.


A Balance Cushion That Helps You Engage Your Core

Don't have time to hit the gym? If you put this balance cushion on your office chair, the uneven surface will force you to engage your abdominal muscles in order to stay upright. It arrives inflated so that it's ready to use right out of the box, and it can even help alleviate back and shoulder pain.


The Heat-Resistant Pouch For Your Hot Tools

Need a safe place to lay your hot tools while you're styling your hair? Keep this heat-resistant pouch on your vanity, and it'll keep your surfaces safe from accidental burns. The grooved surface also helps prevent your tools from sliding off — just in case you accidentally bump into them.


These Cages That Help Protect Your Caps In The Wash

Letting your caps roam free in the washer can leave them damaged — or even worse, ruin them completely. Not only do these cages help them keep their shape in the wash, but they're also made from sturdy plastic that can accommodate child- as well as adult-sized hats.


A Meat Chopper That Reviewers Can't Get Enough Of

No matter what kind of ground meat you like to cook, this chopper can help break it up so that your meal cooks evenly. The four blades are great for chopping, mixing, blending — and they even work great when mashing up potatoes. Choose from seven colors, including yellow, red, blue, green, and more.


The Sleek Box That Hides Cluttered Tech Cables

If your desktop or entertainment center is overflowing with messy wires, you can easily hide them all inside of this sleek box. There's a hole at either end that allows you to thread your wires through, while the box itself is large enough to accommodate chunky power blocks. Choose from two colors: white or black.


A Pack Of Cable Organizers Made From Tough Silicone

These cable organizers are made from durable silicone that you can twist and stretch to your heart's desire. Each one features a strong magnet on either end so that it's easy to fasten them together, and many reviewers raved about how they're great for keeping knots out of headphone wires.


These Garlic Peelers Made From Food-Grade Silicone

Peeling garlic is a sticky, tedious process — unless you're using these peelers to help you out. Just pop your garlic cloves inside, and then roll the tube back and forth in order to remove that flaky skin. The best part? They're made from food-grade silicone that's mold-proof as well as fade-resistant.


A Cover That Turns Your Sink Into Usable Space

Lay this silicone mat over your sink, and you'll instantly have space to rest your brushes, flat iron, and makeup supplies while you're getting dressed. It's made from silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sturdy construction can support up to 6 pounds.


The Tool That Slices Up Delicious Chunks Of Melon

Whether you're in the mood for watermelon, honeydew, or even cantaloupe, this tool can help you slice it up into easy-to-eat pieces. The blade is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, while the spinning green wheel chops your fruit into small squares.