Get Ready For A Lucky August 2021 — The Lion's Gate Portal Is Coming

Leo season could be getting an extra boost of luck.

Every year Leo season brings a much deserved boost of energy after murkiness known as Cancer season. Leo season is for winning arguments through sheer charisma, overbooking yourself socially, and bringing a cosmic dose of glamor into you everyday life. And in just a few days, Leo season 2021 is about to get even more fiery, with the peak of what some astrologer’s are calling the Lion’s Gate Portal. Love astrology but never heard of that term even once? Not to worry — you’ll find everything you need to know about the allegedly lucky event, below.

What is a Lion’s Gate Portal?

A Lion’s Gate Portal is not what happens when you watch every Shrek sequel in one day, but instead marks the rising of the star Sirius, which happens this year on August 8.

Okay, and what does it mean?

According to some astrologers, the Lion’s Gate Portal allows us to boldly and optimistically open new doors of opportunity. In layman’s terms: it’s probably a good time to manifest your dream life. According to the Ancient Egyptians, the rising of Sirius coincided with the flooding of the Nile, so this time of the year was seen as a prosperous and fertile.

Why is this year’s Lion’s Gate Portal special?

The Lion’s Gate Portal happens every year, but it’s extra mystic this year because it coincides with the same day as the Leo new moon, and as we all learned in Astrology 101, new moons are prime times to set intentions and work with manifestation rituals. For more on what that means for your (rising) sign, check your August 2021 horoscope for more information.

This year’s Lion’s Gate Portal and new moon are extra potent because they’re happening on August 8, or 8/8, a number which is thought to be lucky in numerology. The combination makes August 8 an extremely lucky day for manifesting success. The Lion’s Gate Portal peaks on August 8, but it remains open for a few weeks before and after if you need to cram in some last-minute life changes.

If all of this seems like a lot of fire energy, some calm is ahead. Earthy Virgo season begins on August 22, which is also the date of the August full moon.