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The New Moon In Libra Will Challenge Your Desire To Feel Control

It’s important this month to remind yourself that not getting what you want right away doesn’t mean you’ll never get it.

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The October 16 new moon is in Libra, and while new moons are often marked by invigorating energy and initiative, our new moon faces a few aspects that make those qualities difficult to access. For one, our new moon in Libra will station opposite Mars retrograde in Aries — a transit that has beleaguered us for a while now. For another, our new moon will make a square to both Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, both aspects that test our willpower, get in the way of our egos, and challenge our desire to feel control. What is to be done when everything wants doing but nothing seems to track? Especially with Mercury retrograde in full swing! It’s critical to remember that our new moon is part of a cycle that begins in Libra and grows full into Taurus, and that we have time to get where we are going.

While the Taurus full moon on October 31 won’t officially complete this new moon cycle (a cycle is new moon to new moon), it will serve as the closing ceremony for many of us. With respect to the planetary obstacles on the cardinal front, it might serve us to interrogate the relationship between Libra and Taurus. These two signs are different in element and modality, yet they share a common ruler, Venus. While it’s true that many of us have been raised to associate Venus with love and lust, Venus is more than the mother of Cupid. She was also associated with prosperity, glamour (beauty), fertility (creativity), victory, union, and reconciliation. While Libra and Taurus are not opposing signs, their differences are reflected in their Venusian expression.

Libra is a cardinal sign that initiates seasonal change. As an air sign, Libra negotiates conflicts of interest and social contracts. As a Venusian sign, Libra delegates with a gloved fist and diplomacy, invested in mutually beneficial alliances. This can look like flirting! Or, like collective organizing. Often, Libra’s striving toward an even distribution of resources or assets between interested parties is described as “balance.” Taurus, on the other hand, is a fixed sign, and fixed signs are invested in stabilizing energy rather than shifting it. Their earthly commitment to their charge, be it person, project, or place, is an act of nurturance and sustainability. Governed by Venus, Taurus holds sacred what is well-made and regards all commitments with a sense of gravity and purpose. They won’t flirt with you unless they mean it, they won’t join your collective unless they plan to be an integral part of its structure into the foreseeable future. Libra invites change, Taurus fortifies what remains.

Our new moon cycle begins by inviting change, inviting interest, and alliance. There’s a sense that new relationships are possible and that we are “gathered together to get through this thing called life,” so we might as well figure out how to work collaboratively. Because the new moon opposes Mars Rx in Aries, our collective intentions are put to the test. It’s important this month to remind yourself that not getting what you want right away doesn’t mean you’ll never get it. It’s important to remind yourself that what you want now, powerfully, almost irrationally, might change once you have more information. This can be especially true with Mars Rx making a square to Pluto, an aspect that encourages transformation on an ego-level.

Our new moon is square Pluto as well, so our work this month is to parse intuition from fear and recognize when we are rushing toward action based on our desire to control an outcome. Our work is to realize that while our actions can affect others, we can’t control how or towards what end. It is better, then, to wait until we are sure we are acting from a place of confidence. Better to bow to the influence of Saturn squaring our moon and treat each step we take toward the future and each other with seriousness, lest we make a false step and betray ourselves. Sometimes patience is a saving grace and a relief.

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