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Olivia Wilde Was Served Custody Papers Onstage At CinemaCon

Olivia Wilde’s mysterious CinemaCon envelope included legal documents from her ex, Jason Sudeikis.

Just watch any Noah Baumbach film and you’ll be reminded that divorce is ugly. But Jason Sudeikis took breakup pettiness to another level when he allegedly served Olivia Wilde custody papers onstage at CinemaCon on Wednesday night, as reported by Deadline.

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Wilde and Sudeikis never married, but separated in 2020 and share two children. She was onstage promoting the trailer for her project Don’t Worry Darling, when she was interrupted by a person who approached her from the front rows and slid a manila envelope across the front of the stage toward her marked “personal and confidential.”


“This is for me? Very mysterious. I’m going to open it now,” she said before glancing at its contents and maintaining a level of composure nobody should ever have to maintain, along with flexing her stellar improvisational skills and replying: “Is this a script? OK, got it. Thank you.”


When one is served papers, they’re typically given by the person who is pursuing legal action. To have a stranger serve custody papers in a moment where Wilde was in a public setting sharing her work was both humiliating at best and a sadistic power play at worst.

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It also brings into question the issue of security at the event. “We have never in the history of the convention had an incident where a delegate has approached the stage who was not authorized to be there. In light of this incident, we are reevaluating our security procedures to ensure the safety of all our attendees,” Mitch Neuhauser Managing Director of CinemaCon said in a statement to Deadline.

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Apparently, Sudeikis didn’t know that’s how the papers would be served, but given the logistical hoops involved in attending the conference, it seems unlikely.

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“Mr. Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered as this would solely be up to the process service company involved and he would never condone her being served in such an inappropriate manner,” he said in a statement provided to the LA Times.

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Meanwhile, Wilde’s professional career remains as buzzy as ever. Eighteen studios bid on her psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling, which comes out on September 23 and stars Florence Pugh as a 1950s housewife and Harry Styles (now Wilde’s boyfriend) as her husband, whose employed by a mysterious organization expected to change the world. The women are told to stay indoors, but Pugh starts to uncover the org’s violent acts.

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