US actress Zoe Kravitz arrives for "The Batman" world premiere at Josie Robertson Plaza in New York,...


Zoë Kravitz Drank Milk Like A Cat In Preparation For Catwoman

A real method actor.

The best thing about the new Batman movie is that Zoë Kravitz is in it — which means a Zoë Kravitz press tour! When she’s not stunning in her many incredible outfits, she can regale us with the cold, hard truths about what it takes to become Catwoman. Which apparently includes drinking milk out of a bowl?

In an interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kravitz — a Very Serious Method Actor explained how she drank milk like a cat to prepare for her Catwoman role. Fallon, who famously loves to make interviews about him, told Kravitz what he would do to prepare for the role if he was Catwoman. “I would drink milk out of a bowl,” he said.