43 Products That Deserve Their Cult-Favorite Status On Amazon

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by Scarlett James
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What makes a cult-favorite product? They’re the underground hits and bestsellers that you’ve probably never heard of with tens of thousands of reviews. For a product to deserve cult status on Amazon, it must land the seemingly unattainable triple-axel of good, cheap, and fast (thanks to Prime shipping). Look for the ones vouched for with written reviews — although, the number of ratings can also be your guide. (After all, who wouldn’t be intrigued by a humble pair of underwear with 28,000 praises?)

Some bestsellers are easily identified here, like the hair dryer that yields perfect blowouts, silicone baking sheets so you never scrub another pan, and the streaming device that’s simple to set up. You’ll also find the infamous TikTok leggings and a viral sports bra, because social media is the surest form of product discovery these days.

Others cult-favorite products on Amazon are less obvious, and that's is where the fun begins. They’re items you never knew you needed and won’t be able to resist, like a $10 scalp massager with 7,000 reviews or a tool that reinserts sports bra cups after they inevitably flee in the wash. And sometimes the best products on Amazon with raving fans are the everyday items that make regular life easier, whether that’s a drain protector with over 27,000 reviews (I don’t make the rules), or a genius wall plug with USB ports and a night light.

If you’ve made it this far, you have far more restraint than I do — but it’s time to do some shopping. These are the game-changing products that have earned their Holy-Grail status. I’ve already added a few to my cart.


This Hot Air Brush That Gives You Perfect Blowouts In Half The Time

Get ready for perfect hair every day. The Revlon One-Step is just that good with over 150,000 Amazon reviews. Ionic technology all but eliminates unwanted frizz while a combination of boar and nylon bristles pull strands taut for smooth, shiny hair. The oval barrel provides lift at the root and just enough curl through the ends for results that rival a salon visit. Three heat and speed settings plus a cool shot option gives you the same functionality of a classic dryer, and it's powerful enough to slash your drying time in half.


A Powerful Yet Easy-To-Use Streaming Device You Control With Your Voice

It's hard to believe you can get this much powerful technology for under $30. The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite brings high-definition streaming and an incredible library of channels and apps into your living room, and it takes up less space than a smartphone. It's designed for simple setup that any level of expertise will find intuitive, and it's even easier to control: Use the included remote or ask Alexa to pull up the latest episode of your Netflix marathon. Sync it with other smart devices — like speakers or baby monitors — for total connectivity. You can even take it on the go so you can watch your favorites anywhere.


The Dirt-Cheap Makeup Brushes Even Professionals Swear By

These rose gold makeup brushes have racked up over 50,000 positive ratings with a solid 4.6-star reputation, and they live up to the hype. Their vegan nylon bristles are softer than the real thing, and the sturdy wooden handles have a metal ferrule built to last. Shoppers compared them favorably to high-end tools, and professional makeup artists slid into the reviews to confirm they're really, truly great additions to any kit. For the price of a single drugstore makeup brush, you get an entire set. Not sure which one to use? They've included a cheat sheet and every brush is labeled. Getting ready just became as easy as paint by number.


The Underwear So Comfortable, You'll Forget You're Wearing It

These wildly soft and comfortable panties might make you throw out everything else in your drawers, and Amazon shoppers lined up to dub them some of the best underwear they've ever owned with over 3,000 five-star reviews. They're made from a lightweight fabric that's silky and breathable, while the lack of an elastic waistband means they will never — I mean never — dig in. At just $7 for three, you can stock up.


The Ergonomic Nail Brush That Cleans Better Than Anything Else

Tweezerman is known for their cult favorite tweezers, so it's no surprise they also make a fantastic nail brush. This one is exceptionally smart with a double-decker build that features soft bristles on one side for gently cleaning the tops of your nails, and a row of shorter, stiffer bristles for scrubbing out even the toughest dirt that can get wedged underneath. The oval shape makes it easier to hold — and since it's made of airy plastic, you can easily keep it in the shower or next to your sink.


These Nonstick Baking Mats Will Revolutionize Your Kitchen

Slip one of these bad boys onto a baking sheet for hassle-free cleanup or roll them onto a countertop when you need a nonstick work surface. These silicone baking mats eliminate the need for foil, parchment, and cooking sprays for better bakes with less waste. The food-grade silicone is BPA-free and temperature safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. They're perfectly sized for a half sheet pan but nestle easily in smaller trays to prevent grease or juice from running underneath. That's one less dish to scrub, and the mats themselves can go into the dishwasher. Roll them up and they'll take up no more storage space than that roll of foil you're about to forget you have.


The Amazon Leggings Currently Going Viral On TikTok

These high-waisted leggings boast over 19,000 positive ratings and combine an ultra-soft honeycomb fabric with strategic ruching to create a look that's worthy of a peach emoji. They're moisture-wicking with four-way stretch — and the darker colors are well and truly squat-proof.


A Spine-Tingling Scalp Massager With Over 40,000 Positive Ratings

One of those items you never knew you needed: This silicone scalp massager will help soothe tension headaches, deep-clean your strands, and boost circulation for a healthier scalp and hair. Shoppers have raved that this even helps with conditions like dandruff, psoriasis, and dermatitis — but beauty fanatics love it for getting rid of buildup, too. It's smartly designed to cup easily in the palm of your hand, with a short handle that slips between your fingers for a secure hold. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


This Barista-Approved Kitchen Gadget Will Transform Your At-Home Beverage Game

The Zulay milk frother crafts cafe-worthy cappuccinos at home, and it's incredibly handy for everything from matcha to protein shakes (you'll never have to deal with lumps again and oils are perfectly emulsified every time). Zulay's one-touch operation is powered by AA batteries you likely always have on hand, and it couldn't be easier to clean. Make sure to keep the handle dry and just give it a whirl under running water, and the stainless steel components will never rust. It's compact enough to fit in a drawer, but comes in so many great colors you might prefer to store it displayed on the included stand.


A Budge-Proof Overflow Cover Makes Tubs Feel Like An Infinity Pool

For a truly indulgent bath, pop on this overflow drain cover to gain precious extra inches of hot water and sink into a private spa. It's designed to fit universally over any type of fixture you have and is ringed with twelve small suction cups for an extra-secure seal. Worried about flooding? Don't be — there's a small hole at the top to prevent accidental overflow.


A Genius Makeup-Removing Sponge For All Your Brushes

Many Amazon shoppers call this makeup cleaning sponge "a game changer." A couple of swipes is all you need to completely remove pigment from your makeup brushes without the hassle (or chemicals) of a brush-cleaning spray. You can transition between colors with ease, and it even lets you go longer between deeper shampoos. The dry sponge latches onto powders which collect inside all those tiny spaces, and it's double-sided so you can go about a week before needing to wash the sponge itself — just rinse and air dry.


These Down Alternative Pillows Have Over 50,000 Five-Star Ratings

These bestselling bed pillows do it all. They're stuffed with gel-filled fibers that support your head and neck perfectly and won't shift, along with cooling technology to help prevent hot spots like memory foam often can. Shoppers described them as 10 out of 10: the perfect balance between firm and soft, with a cushy sink-into-clouds feeling that bounced back in the morning. Better still, they are hypoallergenic, resisting everything from mites to mold and mildew. If you spill a little coffee on them, they can also be machine washed thanks to their cotton cover.


A Handy Fabric Shaver That Makes Your Favorite Pieces Look Brand New

Whisk away the pills and fuzz that come from natural wear and tear on your favorite garments with the Conair Fabric Defuzzer. The brand brings the same quality you rely on for your a hair dryer in this compact little appliance, with three settings for just the right amount of shave and a detachable lint trap (because it's gotta go somewhere). The oversized cutting surface lets you cover more ground in less time and protects against nicks with a sturdy metal cover, and the ergonomic handle provides comfortable grip. Its even powerful enough to tackle a duvet cover, according to reviews.


A Tiny Waffle Maker That's Big On Functionality

Though it be but little, it is fierce: This mini waffle maker has full-sized features that make it a mighty addition to your kitchen. It preheats quickly with a built-in indicator light that lets you know when you're ready to cook, and the nonstick plates cook up waffles in just three minutes. Nonslip feet keep it securely in place on countertops, which busy households will also appreciate. At just four inches in diameter and weighing barely over a pound, it's also perfect for small spaces and travel. With over 90,000 positive ratings, it's easy to say that meal prep is handled.


A Satin-Lined Beanie That Pampers Natural Hair

This sleeping cap helps protect your strands and while keeping products on your hair — instead of your pillow — in a classic beanie style that's low-key enough to wear out. The ultra-smooth satin reduces friction to stave off unwanted frizz and breakage while the exterior is woven from soft rayon jersey for a casual look and feel. A thin elastic band keeps it in place, whether you're wearing it to bed or to brunch. Every purchase supports a Black-owned beauty brand.


A Popcorn Maker That's About To Upgrade Your Movie Night

The convenience of microwave popcorn with the benefits of air-popped in a much smaller footprint: This little popcorn maker is an all-in-one solution for snacking. Its BPA-free silicone lid measures out the perfect amount of kernels, and then serves as a butter drip while it cooks. A heat-safe borosilicate glass body makes it easy to keep an eye on your progress — no more burnt kernels for you — and a cool-touch handle can be grabbed as soon as it's done. In just about three minutes, you'll have a full batch ready to go — and its dishwasher-safe because dishes are the last thing you need to do when the credits roll.


The TikTok-Famous Sports Bra Amazon Shoppers Want To Live In

Cute, comfortable, and wildly versatile: This sports bra has earned rave reviews and done a victory lap on social media. Shoppers praise it for being soft and supportive, in a moisture-wicking fabric that's surprisingly cottony with removable cups for plenty of coverage. It also shines as a crop top, with the perfect amount of length and a spaghetti-strap cut in a soft palette of universally pleasing shades. (And you won't have to worry about visible bra straps.)


A Drain Protector That Still Lets Water Run Through

A hair catcher might not be the first thing on your list that sparks joy, but avoiding debates about who's responsible for clogged drains (and the cleaning thereof) certainly will — and there are over 49,000 Amazon shoppers to convince you. The TubShroom looks interesting, but is actually pretty smart. Its award-winning patented design is calibrated so that water will continuously flow through as hair spools around the center, with free-flowing channels throughout the column and feet to keep it elevated for unimpeded flow. Once you're done, whatever was shed simply wipes off. The silicone is built to last, and it works on human and pet hair alike.


A Magical Potion That Transforms Your Hair In Eight Seconds Flat

L'Oreal's Wonder Water is one of those products that lives up to its name. In less time than it takes to brush your teeth, this liquid conditioner will totally transform your hair. Lamellar water is a revolutionary formula that's so lightweight it can penetrate locks faster than conventional cream conditioners to deliver targeted doses of nourishing ingredients for unparalleled softness and shine. Use two or three times a week to build on your results. It's silicone-free, so you don't have to worry about buildup — and the company has thoughtfully marked out the right dose on the bottle so you know exactly how much to use.


A Bestselling Orthopedic Pillow That Keeps You In Perfect Alignment

Over 5,000 Amazon shoppers left rave, five-star reviews for this knee pillow, which is ergonomically designed to help relieve pain and pressure from a host of human conditions like sciatica, pregnancy, and recovery. The contoured cut stays put between your knees, and it keeps your hips aligned with your spine while you sleep. The high-density memory foam will neither compress nor weigh you down like a brick, and the soft zippered cover is easy to wash in a machine. It even doubles as a convenient prop for stretching out on your side, and the whole thing is backed by a lifetime warranty.


This Concentrated Foot Cream Turns Cracked Heels Into Soft Skin

The potent cocktail of heavy moisturizers, water-binding ingredients, and soothing extracts in O'Keefe's foot cream have led to cult status for this unassuming jar. It sinks deeply into dry skin while wrapping it in a protective barrier to prevent further moisture loss, and is especially good before bed. A little dab will do before slipping on some socks for a deep repair overnight.


A Millennial Multitool That Does Avocado Prep For You

Make quick work of avocado toast and guac with the OXO avocado slicer. Its thick serrated blade is just sharp enough to slice, and the built-in pit remover has three angled stainless steel blades to effortlessly and safely hollow out the fruit. (No more messy digging with a spoon.) Flip it around, and the sectioned blade cuts perfectly even slices in one pass. It couldn't get any easier, especially since it's dishwasher-safe. Hello taco night.


A Set Of High-Quality Disposable Face Masks That Don't Feel Cheap

These disposable face masks are lightweight, yet far from flimsy. Each one is made with three layers of protection that remains breathable yet effective, with a nose wire for a snugly secure fit. The elastic ear loops boast extra stretch so just about everyone in your household can wear one comfortably. The black is a nice change of pace if you're looking for something less clinical.


A Moldable Glue That's Pure Sorcery

This adhesive putty defies physics to repair almost any surface. It's waterproof and tolerates everything from extreme temperatures to low-voltage electricity. Use it to patch mangled cables and cracked pottery — it'll even seal plumbing in a pinch. It cures into a silicone rubber that can hold up to 4.4 pounds, but removes damage-free.


The Drugstore Mascara With Over 74,000 Positive Ratings

This cult drugstore mascara has firmly cemented its fanbase. The PETA-approved formula provides incredible length and volume in a buildable formula that defies clumping and promises to wear beautifully all day. The tapered brush works easily on the inner and outer corners which are often hard to reach, and helps build a believable false lash finish. The result? Gorgeous fringe without any flakes, smudges, or transfers — and it's easy to remove at the end of the night. Priceless stuff for just $5.


The $10 Pillowcase That Rivals Genuine Silk

Silk pillowcases are the go-to for preventing unwanted frizz, but satin gives you similar benefits at a more wallet-friendly price point. In fact, these poly satin pillowcases might be better than the real thing: Amazon shoppers praised them for their luxe looks and skin- and hair-friendly feel, with a smoothness that prevented friction and breakage and immediate results. The classic envelop design is hassle-free, and they're even sturdy enough to be machine washed and dried.


A Pore Vacuum To Help Remove Unwanted Blackheads

Intimidating? Yes. Effective? Also yes. This blackhead remover all but erases pores, sucking out dirt and oil with the touch of a button. Multiple speeds and attachments allow you to target problem areas while leaving the surrounding skin untouched for safe and comfortable extractions. An LED display lets you know when its battery is running low, and it recharges seamlessly via USB. Amazon shoppers love it because it's "easy to use" and "really works" — check out those review selfies for proof.


A Curtain Of Lights That Turns Every Space Into A Wonderland

This gorgeous panel of string lights creates a twinkling candlelit glow for major impact on a budget. Offered in warm white and rainbow hues, you can create any mood you want with eight different settings. The individual strands have semi-translucent cords, so they're unobtrusive when not in use and — at roughly 6-by-9 feet — they'll work with most ceiling heights. Fans have added them to canopies, curtain rods, ceilings, and bookshelves — the limits do not exist.


An Ultra-Rich Hair Mask With Nourishing Argan Oil

Many Amazon reviewers swear by this deep conditioner, which soaks into hair and bathes it in moisture for smooth and shiny results The key ingredient is argan oil, a cult favorite known for being rich in fatty acids and antioxidants to promote thriving locks. The paraben-free formula is rich enough for dryer hair types, and it won't weigh down the strands. Use it once or twice a week for just five minutes and prepare to spend the rest of the day running your fingers through your newly-silky hair.


A Popular Toilet Spray That Leaves A Fresh Scent Behind

Just a few spritzes of this bestselling toilet spray creates a film that traps unwanted odors underneath the surface and fills the room with an essential oil-based scent. Plus, the scientifically-proven formula is made without any harsh chemicals like aerosols, parabens, or phthalates. In surprisingly elevated fragrances like white florals and oak moss, you won't mind misting it wherever you go. (Pun mostly unintended.)


This Cropped Hoodie That's The Perfect Length

There's a lot to like about this cropped sweatshirt. It's just long enough to hit the top of high-waisted pants — or, let's be real, leggings — with a simple, casual cut that's sporty, yet versatile. The lining is soft and textured, making it a great layer for just about any time of year. It comes in dozens of crowd-pleasing colors, and hundreds of shoppers dubbed it the perfect addition to their athleisure wardrobes.


A Vitamin C Serum Packed With Skin-Loving Natural Extracts

Clinically-proven vitamin C is blended with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to soothe and hydrate skin while fighting free radicals in this cult-favorite antioxidant serum. Natural ingredients like gotu kola, dandelion, and horsetail promote a glowing complexion while vitamin E and jojoba oil condition without clogging. The formula relies on organic and wildcrafted ingredients wherever possible, and the proof is in the reviews. Over 36,000 Amazon shoppers gave it five stars.


These Nylon-Braided iPhone Chargers That Are 6 Feet Long

If you're someone who has the worst luck with chargers, rejoice. This multipack of lightning cables is built to take a beating. The flexible six-feet cords are wrapped in tough braided nylon that can withstand 8,000 twists and turns (really), while each end is capped in a strong yet lightweight aluminum housing. For just $10 you get a set of three.


The Cotton Bralettes That Shoppers Want To Live In

These Fruit of the Loom sports bras have garnered thousands rave reviews for being quite possibly the most comfortable bra in existence. They're made from a soft and breathable 95% cotton blend with just enough spandex for the perfect amount of support with coverage. Combined with spaghetti straps that stay in place and a tag-free design, you'll forget you're even wearing them. Get a pack of three for the price of a Panera lunch and you're living in comfort.


The K-Beauty Washcloths That Will Give You Baby-Soft Skin

These Korean exfoliating cloths banish dry, flaky skin in just one shower. Woven from a delightfully scratchy viscose that isn't too harsh, they're gentler than scrubs but still highly effective. They're smaller than a traditional washcloth, which makes it easier to buff — and the different colors indicate varying levels of intensity so you can pick the slough that's right for you. The brand doesn't recommend using these to wash your face, though.


The Delicate, Glistening Earrings You'll Never Want To Take Off

Dainty and classic, these huggie earrings gained the attention of Amazon shoppers as the perfect pair for daily wear. They come in three classic metal finishes plated in 14-karat gold and rhodium, and are studded with top-quality cubic zirconia for serious sparkle that belies their budget price. Their on-trend design gently cups your earlobe, and since there are no exposed posts.


The Drawer Organizers That Separate Your Delicates

One of those little things that makes life so much easier, a set of dresser drawer dividers brings order to chaos. This set of four corrals bras, underwear, socks, and scarves so you can find what you need on busy mornings without pulling out the entire contents of your dresser. They're built from mold-proof material that's ultra-sturdy and feature a zipper on the bottom that many shoppers claimed was genius to ensure they retain their shapes. Use them everywhere from closets to craft rooms and you'll wonder how you functioned without them.


A Moisturizing Hand Cream For The Strongest Nails Of Your Life

Whether your nails are prone to breakage or peeling, this retro hand cream is an underground favorite to nourish your tips and promote healthy growth. Coconut and jojoba oils provide skin-quenching moisture while silk protein and calcium contribute to strong, gorgeous nails. It's loaded with antioxidants and retinol to keep your hands looking their best long-term, and has even been known to help heal damage from acrylics and gels.


An Outlet Port That’s Brilliantly Engineered

Small agonies like not having room for a plug or fumbling in the dark to find an outlet are about to be a thing of the past. This six-outlet plug includes two USB ports, all while the built-in LED smart nightlight automatically senses when it's dark enough to turn on. If you don't need the nightlight function, a dedicated touch pad on the top lights the way when needed.


This Spray Conditioner Made With Ingredients Like Argan, Coconut, & Rose Hip Oil

Relying on a cocktail of ethically-sourced natural ingredients from plant-based oils including argan, coconut, and rose hip oil along with citrus and shea butter, this natural leave-in conditioner softens and smooths to reduce unwanted frizz and calm split ends without weighing hair down. Salt- and sulfate-free, it's even suitable for use on chemically processed hair, including color and keratin treatments. It's also cruelty-free and formulated without any dyes or parabens.


A Smart Little Compact Steamer That's Stylist-Approved

Even professionals love this garment steamer, which boasts impressive output for its small size and steams the toughest wrinkles out in minutes. It generates ample steam just 30 seconds, and the 8-ounce tank will net you 15 minutes of continuous use (with an eight-minute safety shutoff if you leave it unattended). You can use it vertically or horizontally, thanks to steam pump technology — and it's thoughtfully designed with a flat base so you can set it down as needed. The included lint brush, fabric brush, and garment creaser gives you everything you need to turn out sharp.


A Seriously Genius Gadget That Straightens Out Swimsuit & Sports Bra Cups

Another product you never knew existed and won't be able to live without: the Cup Claw makes it easy to reinsert sports bra cups and swimsuit pads after they've gone through the wash. That way, you don't have to navigate them through a tiny opening with your fingers (and then try to smooth them out through the fabric). Simply wrap the cups around each arm and insert, and then open the handle to unfurl them neatly inside. It can even be used to replace face mask filters, which are nearly as tricky to access as bra cups.


A Pair Of Arch Supports That Slips Into Any Shoe

You don't even need to wear shoes with these arch supports, really. The neoprene wraps around your instep to provide extra support with contoured EVA foam under the arch to help relieve a world of hurts (such as plantar fasciitis, pronation, and heel spurs). The gentle compression hugs your feet, and they're lightweight enough to be worn around the house. Fans praised these for making all the difference, and some were even thrilled to take up running with them.

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