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9 Protection Crystals To Preserve Good Energy In Your Home

Leave bad vibes at the door.

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For thousands of years, it’s been believed that the earth’s crystals hold all kinds of healing properties and abilities. One of the main superpowers these beauties can house? Protection. In fact, there is a whole slew of special protection crystals that can keep bad vibes at bay. While many people make sure they armor up with them before leaving the house, what about when they get home? Unless you never have anyone or anything entering your house, all sorts of unwanted energy can find its way inside. So how do you stop negative vibes at the door? An intentionally curated set of protection crystals for the home, that’s how.

This is your sanctuary, and it’s the place where you spend the most time. As Anjie Best, founder and owner of Peach and Pixie, puts it, using crystals for your house or apartment helps keep the vibes right “so you can decompress and relax and realign your energy.” Which is what a home is for, right?

“Crystals, just like us, carry a frequency,” Breana Fernandez, House of Intuition crystal expert, tells NYLON. “I like to think of crystals as being some of Mother Earth’s greatest tools that can help us in mind, body, and spirit,” she continues. “Lots of people like to use crystals in their homes to create an abundant and infinite supply of [positive] energy.” Every different kind of crystal vibrates with a different sort of energy, which can then be used in alignment with an intended purpose. Maybe your focus is attracting more harmony to your home, or you want to balance your home’s energy, or just straight up protect it from harm. There’s a specific crystal (or crystals) that you can use for whatever your goals are to keep your space in check.

Where To Put Protection Crystals For The Home

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“Most people use [house crystals] to protect their home from unwanted negative energy or dangers,” Best tells NYLON. “You can use crystals and put them in different spots in your home to constantly have that protection barrier up,” she continues.

To really stop unwelcome energy in its tracks, Best suggests placing your protection crystals wherever your prime source of entry is or wherever you have guests enter. Any front, back, or side door (or even a garage) would be a great place to keep your stones — whether that’s inside a plant, on an entry table, or in a hide-a-key — whatever makes the most sense for you.

“You don't want [the energy] to come all the way inside,” Best says. “You don't want to have [your crystal] just in the kitchen, and people have to walk all the way into your house before they reach the stone.” That’s not to say that there is necessarily a limit to the area a crystal’s energy can cover, she clarifies, but simply a best practice.

Fernandez agrees, adding that entryway crystals can act as an energetic body scan upon entering your home. “It's helping you to release any stagnant energy that may have attached [itself] to you,” she tells NYLON. “Scanning your body energetically before you enter your space [will] make sure that you’re letting all of that go and entering into brand new, fresh, or loving energy.”

Below, see the best protection crystals for the home, as recommended by the experts.

The Best Protection Crystals For The Home

As a rule of thumb, Best suggests using any of the black stones when the goal is protection. “Black is always going to be negative energy blocking, grounding crystals,” she says, adding that many of the grey crystals also make great protective talismans. These stones are known to align your root chakra, which is the body’s energy center ruling your sense of security and safety. Some of her picks for this category include black tourmaline, black obsidian, black onyx, mystical merlinite, shungite, and smokey quartz.

Of course, you don’t have to use black crystals, Best tells NYLON (there are plenty of other options, as you’ll see below). However, if you’re unsure of which crystal you want but you know the goal is protection, “you could just grab a black one [because] all the black crystals are protective in some way, shape, or form,” says Best.

Black Tourmaline

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Black tourmaline is one of the gold standards of protection crystals, so to speak. This grounding gem is known to repel and soak up negative energy like a sponge and transmute it into positive energy, making it an ideal shield for the threshold of a home.

According to Fernandez, placing a piece of black tourmaline in the four corners of a room or a house creates an “energetic alarm system.” As she tells NYLON, “you're setting up a protective barrier around your space.” What really matters here, though, as with any protection ritual, is your energy. “Intention is everything,” Fernandez stresses. So as your place the black tourmaline — or any crystal — set your intentions of protection and keep them in mind as you go.

Black Obsidian

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Black obsidian is a go-to for protection and grounding — as is the theme with all black stones — making it very helpful to keep in the home. This one in particular has a strong ability to suck up negativity and rid a space of stagnant or unwanted energy.

While it’s grounding and deeply connected to the earth, black obsidian is also known to provide protection in the spiritual realms, defending against psychic attacks. “Black obsidian also helps you overcome habits that do not serve your highest good,” Fernandez notes. “It will encourage you to be more mindful when it comes to who and what you are allowing into your sacred space,” she continues, adding that you should recharge or cleanse your crystal at least twice a month. Having this stone at the door keeps the dwellers’ minds safe, clear, and positive.


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Bloodstone isn’t talked about enough. Similar to tourmaline and obsidian, it’s a powerhouse of protection. “Bloodstone has always been known as a big protection stone,” Best offers. “It grounds you, it protects you, it cleanses you, and it’s also known to realign the chakras”

Bloodstone has a way of infusing a sense of safety and security to the user or to a space. It’s especially useful in clearing away negative energies from each nook and cranny of every room while offering a protective barrier and a boost of energy.

Tiger’s Eye

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As a stone traditionally used as a talisman to protect against evil, you want this beautiful hulk of a rock near your doorstep. “[It’s] protection from people who have negative intentions,” Best tells NYLON. It sharpens your mind in a unique and intuitive way so you can better spot a person’s true colors for “staying out of harm's way when it comes to people who have negative and malicious intent.” Additionally, tiger’s eye is another grounding stone that cultivates a stronger sense of safety and security.


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Howlite is typically grouped in the more intellectual and mental health genre, but Best highly recommends this marble-like beauty as a protection crystal for the home. “Howlite is a guardian stone,” she explains, “so it protects you in terms of your relationships, but also from negative emotions like stress and anxiety,” she continues. “So whether people are passing this on to you or you're bringing it in your home, it would stop all that at the door.” It’s like an emotional energy shower right at the welcome mat.


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Hematite falls under the black and grey protection crystal guideline, and it’s a powerful one, according to Best. “It literally prevents you from absorbing negative energy,” she says, “so it's also a very good one to have.” Following along those protection stone themes, hematite is another crystal that encourages grounding, safety, and security. Its gentle giant energy is sturdy and powerful, encouraging stability, calm, and strength — all while disintegrating bad vibes on sight.


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Selenite not only looks pretty, but it’s a multi-faceted super-crystal of sorts and makes a highly effective guardian for the home. “It’s self-cleansing, so it can’t retain any negative energy,” Fernandez tells NYLON. “If you’ve ever been inside any of our house of intuition locations, we actually have little mini selenite towers set up all around the store,” she continues. “It’s to ensure that our spaces stay safe and free from any negative influences.” This powerful mineral radiates purifying energy to the space surrounding it as well, creating a sense of serenity wherever it’s placed.

Rose Quartz

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For dousing the home with love and harmony, Fernandez recommends rose quartz. Rose quartz is well known as the crystal of universal love and is a favorite of many for its gentle, calming energy. “If you place a piece of rose quartz underneath your bed, it will help you have a more restful sleep because it helps you to release stress and anxiety from your day-to-day life,” Fernandez explains. “You can also use it to attract more harmonious energy by placing it by the entrance of your door.”


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Amethyst looks pretty in the home when used as decor, protective properties aside. But it’s also got a myriad of energetic benefits to help cultivate a more tranquil environment. Fernandez calls this essential crystal an all-purpose stone because “it can do literally anything you can think of.” For one, amethyst dispels negative energy, but it also encourages mindfulness and sober thinking. “It’s associated with abundance and elegance mostly, as well as protection because it does resonate with your third eye,” adds Fernandez. “It’s another stone of psychic and spiritual protection.” Amethyst also increases mental clarity, making it an excellent decision-making crystal.

When it comes to protection crystals for the home, there are many different ones you can choose from, depending on your specific goals. When in doubt, go for a black or grey stone to ensure a base theme of protection and grounding to lock out the bad vibes.


Anjie Best, founder and owner of Peach and Pixie

Breana Fernandez, House of Intuition Crystal Expert

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