September 2023’s Full Moon In Aries: Its Time To Let Go

September 2023’s full moon in Aries has no problem getting in your face.

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If Libra, the air sign known for its balanced scales, is constantly seeking harmony, know that Aries, the ram and its opposite, could not care less about getting along.

“Armed with the ram’s horns and its own ideas, Aries bursts through the academic nonsense, and rearms the individual with their own sense of purpose,” writes NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “In Aries country, conflict is not abuse; it’s an invitation. In the words of the Aries Magneto Michael Fassbender, peace was never an option.”

The people-pleasing comes to a grinding halt on September 29 — if only for a day! — when the full moon in Aries reaches its peak at 5:58 AM EST. A Mars-ruled lunation can feel brash and fiery, a “f*ck around and find out” type of energy that can only come from the first sign of the zodiac.

Full moons are moments of magnification, and the Aries full moon promises a sense of culmination. We are now officially at the halfway point of the astrological year. What have you learned over the past six months? And what have you tried to hide under the bed? “Get closure on this summer, open up space for what’s to come, and fight hard for optimism,” suggests Odyssey in NYLON’s September 2023 horoscope. (Read for your rising sign to see where the full moon in Aries lands specifically in your birth chart.)

The full moon in Aries on September 29 is the final lunation before the onset of eclipse season; a new moon eclipse in Libra is on the horizon, and the final eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis closes out a two-year saga at the end of October. Being a full moon ruled by Mars, the planet of action and aggression, expect to feel pivotal changes arise. The full moon in Aries is being activated by the nodes — the points of destiny and release — after all. Make like Avril Lavigne in 2002, and let go.

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