Snapchat and Headspace Teamed Up To Offer In-App Meditation

Snap and practice self-care.

The implications of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have resulted in an increase of mental health issues. According to a recent poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly fifty percent of Americans have felt the pandemic is harming their mental health, and that doesn't include those that were already dealing with mental health issues before the pandemic started. There are a multitude of ways to potentially deal with stress, anxiety, and sadness, and Snapchat has teamed up with Headspace to offer you an innovative way to unwind.

On Monday, July 20, the app unveiled an in-app meditation experience, done in collaboration with Snapchat's Minis and Headspace.Available through the Snapchat chat feature or by searching Headspace in the app, users can now partake in daily meditations.

According to a press release from Snapchat, users will be able to choose from six different meditation sessions that run for three to four minutes. In addition to meditation exercises, The Wall Street Journal reports that you'll be able to use the platform as a way to check in with your friends. As part of the collaboration, Snapchat unveiled specially designed stickers that can be used to express how you'e feeling or can be used to ask friends how they're doing.

For those that want to continue meditation outside of Snapchat, Headspace is an organization devoted entirely to the act of meditation. During the coronavirus pandemic, the organization has waived its fees for the unemployed. It joins other apps focused on meditation and self-care including Calm, 10% Happier, and The Breathing App.

It's natural and expected to feel some stress during this time, but if you find yourself in need of additional resources or you want to learn more about techniques that can help you cope with mental illness and stress, turn to a trusted medical professional or make use of online resources.