‘The White Lotus’ To Return For Second Installment

Your stay at The White Lotus has been extended.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, HBO Max’s The White Lotus, the whodunnit social satire about a group of super rich people vacationing at a luxury hotel in Hawaii, is being renewed for a second season.

The miniseries, which premiered last month, has slowly been populating our Twitter feeds over the last few weeks — especially with the influx of the many “We just realized how good of an actor Jennifer Coolidge is!” profiles, but has exploded in popularity over the last seven days, where it seems like every other person is making some kind of joke about how Jake Lacy’s character is still reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, ranking the evilness of its characters in approval matrixes, and more.

The White Lotus has been compared to Succession, a welcome substitute for our prestige televsion-starved brains hungry to watch the wild antics and emotional entanglements of lonely, greedy people. The six-part series was created by Mike White, who also created — no big! — School of Rock, where he played Ned Schneebly, Sarah Silverman’s passive, enabling bf, Enlightenment, the phenomenal but supremely slept-on HBO series starring Laura Dern, and was a writer and producer on Freaks and Geeks. And to top it off, White also competed in two seasons of The Amazing Race as well as Survivor, making him one of the most bizarrely well-rounded talents in Hollywood.

HBO announced the show will have a second season even before the premiere its current season finale, which airs Sunday — something they also did with Big Little Lies. (Though hopefully, the second season of The White Lotus won’t become the Nicole Kidman courtroom drama we didn’t need.) HBO execs’ pockets are most certainly filling with cash as we speak, and the decision was probably an easy one: According to Deadline, The White Lotus is the No. 1 series on HBO Max right now and its audience has only grown week after week.

The Deadline report also says Season 2 will follow a different group of wealthy freaks — though White told IndieWire that maybe some of the cast could return as the same characters — as they work and stay at another White Lotus hotel, this time somewhere other than Hawaii. Hmmm...where else is cursed? Paris? In the meantime, you can brush up on the astrological signs and cosmic chaos of all your favorite White Lotus characters, or just rewatch the Succession trailer.