40 Tried & True Products Under $35 That Are Always Bestsellers On Amazon

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by Rebecca Martinson

Being popular isn't the most important thing in life — but it doesn't hurt, either, if we're talking about Amazon products. When it comes to shopping online, you can almost always rest assured that the most popular products are worth their price tags. That's why whenever I'm in the mood for a little retail therapy, I check out all the tried-and-true products that are selling fast on Amazon.

When I say that these items are bestsellers, I'm not just talking about a few good comments. Not only have hundreds of shoppers left glowing reviews on the products I've selected for this list, but each one is also under $35. So go ahead and indulge in that cheese board and those cozy microfiber socks while you're here. Their wallet-friendly prices won't leave you stressed, and you can even wear the socks while you're snacking on cheese.

But if that isn't enough, don't worry. There are also eye patches made with real 24-karat gold, romantic string lights you can use outside, and even a spray that helps your glasses stay fog-free. I mean, there's a reason why reviewers deemed all of these products bestsellers — so why not grab a few and find out for yourself?


The Healing Mask Made From 100% Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay can help extract impurities from your pores, and this tub is formulated with just that — 100% natural bentonite clay. You can mix it with apple cider vinegar for an at-home facial, or even leave it on your face for about 10 minutes to help cleanse your complexion.


A Spray That Helps Keep Glasses Fog-Free

Spray your glasses, goggles, or even your binoculars with this anti-fog spray to help keep them clear — even if it's humid out. The formula is non-irritating to eyes, and each bottle comes with enough spray for about 100 uses. One customer wrote, "This product actually works. I use it at work when I have my mask on and it keeps my glasses from getting foggy!"

Unlike many other laptop trays, this one features a hidden mouse tray that extends out on both sides. It's also coated in grippy, nonslip padding to help keep your computer in place. And since it's thermal-resistant, the tray helps prevent your device from overheating while also protecting your lap from the warmth of the computer.


This Nourishing Protein Hair Treatment Full Of Collagen

Hair looking a little brittle these days? Give your strands this hydrating mask. It's chock-full of collagen and ceramide-3 to help nourish over-processed strands. Massage it into your hair, then wait about five minutes before washing it out.


This Simple, Fast-Moving Party Game That's Fun For The Whole Family

Made for ages 10 and up, this party game is fun for the whole family — and each round only lasts about 15 minutes. One player draws a topic card with a list of prompts. Examples include "something you would find in a toolbox," to which the listed answer is "hammer." Players then shout out their answers until someone guesses "hammer." Whoever guesses the most correct answers, wins.


A Hand Warmer That Doubles As A Phone Battery

Not only is this hand warmer rechargeable, but it also doubles as a portable battery. When used as a hand warmer, it provides up to 12 hours of heat — and if used as a battery, it can charge a standard smartphone about three times.


This Bamboo Cheese Board That Comes With Serving knives

This cheese board set looks gorgeous sitting atop any counter, and the serving knives are made from rust-resistant stainless steel. There are slots along the side for crackers, fruits, cheeses, and more, while the bamboo it's made from is organic as well as BPA-free.


The Colorful Essential Diffuser That's Undeniably Chic

This isn't any ordinary essential oil diffuser, as the firework inside the glass reservoir makes it a statement piece no matter where you put it. It's large enough to provide steam for up to four hours, and the built-in timer is adjustable from 30 minutes to three hours.


This Waterproof Trash Can For Your Car

Got some loose receipts and straw wrappers in your car? Loop this trash can onto your center console for a quick place to toss rubbish. It's waterproof to help keep your interior safe from spills, and you can also use the pockets on the side for wipes, bottled water, and more.


An Exfoliating Foot Mask Made With Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, & Vitamins

Got dry, cracked heels that lotion won't penetrate? Let your feet soak in this peeling mask that's made with collagen. It's also formulated with moisturizing argan oil, vitamin A, and vitamin E — but the added aloe vera helps soothe unwanted inflammation. After wearing the masks, your feet should start peeling around day three and be smooth around day 11.


The Stamp That Helps Protect Your Identity

Just roll this stamp over any sensitive information on your envelopes and documents, and it should obscure the text so that prying eyes can't read. Each one lasts for about 160 feet worth of rolling, and it's even reusable if you purchase refill ink cartridges.


A Sugar Scrub That Helps Exfoliate Dry Lips

Chapped lips got you feeling down? Exfoliate away all that old skin with this scrub. It's made with raw Hawaiian cane sugar that gently rubs away flakes, while shea butter helps hydrate the skin underneath. Plus, it's cruelty- as well as paraben-free.


These Fuzzy Socks Made From Cozy Microfiber

When your toes are cold and regular gym socks aren't warm enough, these fuzzy microfiber ones have you covered. One size is made to fit most, and they're soft enough that you can easily wear them to bed without any discomfort. Plus, each order comes with a variety of colors.


A Pack Of Waterproof Lights For Your Bath

Turn any bathroom into a luxurious spa with these LED puck lights. Each one is completely waterproof — so go ahead and submerge them in your tub. The suction cup on the back makes it easy to mount them nearly anywhere, including hot tubs. Plus, they even come with a remote so you can control them from afar.


The iPhone Power Bank That's Ultra-Compact

Keep this miniature power bank with you at all times, and you'll always be able to power up your iPhone if the battery runs low. It's able to charge an iPhone 8 1.2 times, or an iPhone X .95 times. And since it's about the size of a lipstick tube, it takes up hardly any space in your bag.


A Pair Of Slippers Filled With Plush Memory Foam

With memory foam insoles that contour to the shape of your feet, these slippers from Jessica Simpson are a must-have for lazy days around the house. Their anti-slip soles help keep you stable if you wear them outside to grab the mail, and the faux fur lining is oh-so soft.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


A Vacuum With That Reaches Deep Into Tight Spaces

Got crumbs and dirt underneath your keyboard? Allow this miniature vacuum's sleek nozzle to reach into all those tight nooks and crannies. It's completely cordless for easy maneuvering, and each order comes with two interchangeable suction nozzles. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to one full hour.


The Yoga Pants With Adorable Scrunch Detailing

With a scrunch detailing in the back, these yoga pants are a cute update to any closet that's filled with plain, black leggings. The high-waisted cut pairs well with nearly any type of top — and unlike many other pants, these ones are made from four-way stretch material to help keep you comfy.


An Ice Roller That Can Help Soothe Inflammation

If you often wake up with unwanted puffiness around your eyes, keep this ice roller in the fridge. Then, gently move it all over your face to help combat inflammation. It can also help stimulate blood circulation as well as help shrink the appearance of your pores.


This Dining Tray For Your Steering Wheel

There's no need to risk spilling food on yourself when you're eating in the car — just pop this table onto your steering wheel when you aren't rolling. It's designed to fit most wheels, and there's even a slot on the side where you can keep a pen or pencil if you're using it to work in between meetings.


These Genius Velvet Scrunchies With Hidden Pockets

Coins, cash, IDs, hair pins — the hidden pockets in these scrunchies can hold all of them and more. The pocket is zippered to help keep your items from falling out, and the premium velvet fabric is very on-trend. Plus, reviewers raved about how the elastic inside is strong enough for thick hair.


These Collagen Under-Eye Masks Made With 24-Karat Gold

Just put these masks underneath your eyes when you're experiencing unwanted puffiness, and the hyaluronic acid on each can help soften their appearance. They're also made with real 24-karat gold to help improve your complexion's elasticity, along with vitamin C to help brighten tired skin.


The Washer Designed Specifically For Makeup Brushes

If your makeup brushes are caked in foundation and powders, it might be time to spin them through this washer. Not only is it made specifically for makeup brushes, but it's also designed to fit brushes that are different shapes and sizes. All it needs are two AAA batteries (which aren't included).


A Silicone Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp

Just add a dollop of your favorite shampoo to this brush, and then gently massage it into your scalp for an indulgent experience and deep clean. The bristles are made from soft silicone — and since there's a handle on the back, it's easy to maintain control when wet.

Don't stress the next time a stray breakout occurs — if you want to, just cover it with one of these patches. Each one features medical-grade hydrocolloid dressing that helps your unwanted blemish shrink within about six hours. And since they're completely transparent, you can wear them standalone or blend them underneath makeup.


A Mini Essential Oil Diffuser That Works In Your Car

Plug this diffuser into your car, and you'll be able to enjoy your favorite essential oils while you're driving. The spout rotates 180 degrees so you can direct the output, and the water reservoir is large enough to provide about two hours of mist.


The Portable Bluetooth Speaker Disguised As An Acorn

Looking for a portable speaker? Search no further than this Bluetooth one that can play music for up to eight hours. The built-in microphone allows you to make hands-free calls, and the acorn design makes it a cute accessory if you hang it from your bag.

Drawing the perfect winged eyeliner tips is never easy — but this pen can help make it easier. Not only does the felt tip applicator gently glide over your lids for seamless coverage, but the eraser on the other end allows you to touch up any mistakes.


This Calming Pillow Mist To Help Relax Your Mind Before Bed

It only takes a few spritzes of this calming pillow spray to help ease your mind before bed. The plant-based formula contains relaxing lavender essential oils — and it's even organic as well as cruelty-free. Feel free to spray it around your room if it ever needs a quick refresh.


A Serum That Helps Your Manicure Dry Quickly

You only need to give your freshly painted nails one drop each, and this serum can help the lacquer set in just 60 seconds. It's formulated with jojoba oil and vitamin E to help moisturize dry cuticles, and many reviewers raved about how it "really works."


These Hair Clips Covered In Chic Faux Pearls

At only $9 for 18 of these chic hair clips that are covered in faux pearls, they're an undeniable steal — and many reviewers raved about how well they keep strands in place. The best part? They're perfect for everything from wedding parties to nights out with friends.


The Lint Remover That You Can Use Over & Over

Unlike rollers that rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this lint remover uses a high-quality copper trimming head to get rid of pesky pills and fuzz. It's completely reusable, and the wide trimming head makes quick work of large swaths of upholstery.


A Silicone Scrubber That Reaches All Over Your Back

Your regular loofah probably won't reach that awkward spot on your back — but this scrubber will. It's made from food-grade silicone that helps exfoliate away old flakes, all while the gentle bristles are suitable for sensitive skin. Plus, each order comes with hooks so you can hang it to dry.


These Silicone Brushes For Spreading Face Masks

Your hands don't have to become muddy while you're applying a face mask; just use these brushes, instead. They're made from flexible silicone to help your mask spread evenly, and you can use them for everything from mud masks to body lotions.


These Wire String Lights That Cast A Romantic Glow

Hang these dimmable string lights in any room for a romantic glow once the sun goes down. You can bend and twist them into nearly shape you want — and since they're waterproof, you can even use them outdoors. They're available in two wire colors: silver and green.


A UV Sanitizer For Your Smartphone

Think about it: you always wash your hands, but what about your phone? Not only will the powerful UV light in this box help eliminate germs and bacteria from your phone, but it can also clean anything that fits inside — coins, jewelry, and more.


The Cushion That Adds Heat To Your Car Seat

If your car doesn't have heated seats, you can add that feature by installing this cushion. The elastic straps make it easy to secure down to your seat, while the temperature is adjustable up to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. It's lined with velour and can fit most cars (or even RVs and boats).


A Light That Helps You See Inside Your Bag

Do you ever open up your bag to grab something that you can't find within the dark nooks and crannies? Well, you'll definitely want to check out this light. The built-in infrared sensor means it'll only turn on when you open your bag — and it automatically turns off after 15 seconds to help preserve the battery.


This Comfy Racerback Tank Top With A Built-In Bra

The options are almost endless with this racerback tank. Wear it to relax around the house, or use it as a base for a cute layered look. The padded bra on the inside makes it perfect for light yoga workouts, and the moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you cool and dry.


A Tool That Helps You Pull Zippers Without Help

There's no need to stretch and bend in every direction to get that zipper zipped — just grab this handy tool. It clips onto any nearly any type of zipper, allowing you to pull it up with ease (thanks to the attached lanyard). It comes in three colors — black, pink, and red — and many customers wrote that it "works great."