Adam Brody in Ready or Not.


13 Completely Slept-On Adam Brody Performances

The best work from the actor who helped a generation of indie outcasts define their sexuality.

Adam Brody rose to fame playing Seth Cohen, the charming nerd who referenced Death Cab and Rooney with ease, thrusting an artsy dude into the mainstream for a generation of indie music fans who never thought Aaron Carter was cute. But Brody is less known for some of his best performances — where he brings either the energy of a good boyfriend or slimy scumbag to his varied roles. Read on for 13 of his most underrated, excellent performances.

Gilmore Girls (2002-2003)

Brody plays Dave Rygalski, a wholesome guitar player and sweet-natured love interest in the show. He pretends to be in a Christian rock band because he has a crush on Lane, but leaves after nine episodes because he suddenly “moves to California,” which is coincidentally when The O.C. started. (Netflix)

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