This Hands-Free Mirror For Examining Between Your Legs Is Genius

It even comes with a light.

In what truly is one of the greatest inventions of our time, Nyssa Care has released a hands-free mirror made for easier self-examinations. The VieVision™ Between Legs Self-Check Mirror can replace any mirror contraption you’ve assembled in the past, as this easily sits between the legs and thighs, providing you with an easier look at your vagina and vulva area.

Retailing for $64, the mirror comes in a dark blue color, and is equipped with a LED light. You can use the mirror in both a seated and standing position, as the design can either stand on its own or sit between the thighs.

Each mirror also comes with an OB-GYN-recommended checklist, which features an anatomical illustration of the vulva and vagina by artist Mari Andrew.

“At Nyssa, we believe that looking at your vulva builds knowledge and empowers sexual agency. Looking helps us know when something is irregular so we can be proactive about seeking professional advice,” the company wrote on Instagram. “Looking helps us take control of our body image and dispel stigmas and shame about our anatomy. We created VieVision to help change the way we think about, talk about, and interact with our vulvas and vaginas. For good.”

Hand wipes are recommended for post-viewing care, and as Nyssa notes on its website, the mirror’s usefulness extends to multiple tasks, including “routine wellbeing checks, self-grooming, or guiding the insertion of a tampon, cup or contraceptive device.”

In addition to routine at-home well being checks, it’s recommended that you also visit and OBGYN. Planned Parenthood suggests making your first appointment the age of 21, unless you notice anything unusual, or have concerns.