where to buy crystals online to make sure they are reputably sourced


These Are The Best Places To Shop For Crystals Online

Plus, how to make sure they’re reputably sourced.

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Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift for your healing crystal practicing friend or more stones for your own spiritual collection, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to choose where to shop. Perhaps you don't have access to a downtown crystal shop, or, maybe, you’re simply more of a “shop from the comfort of your desktop computer” kind of person. Regardless, shopping for crystals online can be convenient and great; however, there are also a lot of scams and misleading ecommerce shops out there trying to take advantage of the flourishing crystal community, which is why it’s important to have a guide to shopping for crystals online.

According to Madison Young, owner of Open Eye Crystals in Los Angeles, shopping for healing crystals in a general sense begins with trusting your own gut and intuition. “With crystals, the point of them is that they have a vibration to help align your energy,” Young says. “Sometimes you walk into different vendors or even different crystal shops and the crystals just feel flat in there — and that’s not how the crystal store should feel. It should feel alive, should feel vibrant.”

In her view, nothing compares to shopping in person for this reason. That being said, if going into a physical store isn’t an option for you, Young says you can still keep a few good practices in mind to make sure you’re shopping ethically and smartly online. In fact, some crystal connoisseurs even prefer buying from online stockists. “Some people buy online to ensure that it hasn't been treated by too many hands,” Young says. “The closer you are to the source, the less likely you are to lose the story of the crystal or lose where it comes from and how it was harvested.”

The best way to ensure you’re shopping from a reputable source on the internet, Young explains, is to do your research. “When you shop online, something you can do is see where the crystal comes from,” she says. “If you're buying a crystal that is harvested in Russia — for example, say, phenacite — and the seller is located in Canada or South America, that just doesn't make any sense.” Good sellers and online shops will disclose where the crystal they are selling is originally from, and it just takes a simple online search to fact check their information. If something doesn’t quite line up, that’s the biggest indicator that you should shop elsewhere.

If you are still unsure about a vendor, Young gives the same advice as she would to someone shopping in person: Ask questions. You can always reach out to an online store, either by email or phone, and ask them directly where they source their crystals from. A trustworthy seller will be both knowledgeable and transparent about their sourcing practices.

To aid you in your online crystal search and healing journey, NYLON sought out the best places to snag unique gems and minerals of all sorts (and forms) on the internet and selected a few of our favorite things from each shop.

We only include products that have been independently selected by NYLON's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Sage Goddess

If you're not quite sure what you're looking for and are willing to put in some time to do research about what crystal you want, look no further than Sage Goddess. The assortment of crystals offered here is seemingly endless, it's so big. With an inventory that includes everything from natural and tumbled stones to candles and jewelry, you should be able to find what you’re looking for here. Founded by Dr. Athena Perrakis in 2011, the platform also offers online classes taught by Perrakis, as well as educational resources, if you are looking to expand your metaphysical knowledge.

Seven Gems Shop

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seven Gems Shop is a Black-owned online crystal shop selling on Etsy. It features an extensive array of ethically sourced crystals and minerals from around the world in both natural and polished forms. From budget-friendly stones to rare and expensive crystals, the vendor stocks any stone needed for different practices and all levels. Not to mention, the store has five-star review after five-star review, highlighting that the owners will answer any questions you might have about the stones listed.

Catland Books

Brooklyn-based Catland Books sells an assortment of crystals on its online shop, from selenite wands to crystal balls. Its pendants, as well, are a great way to add rare stones to — or kick-start — a crystal collection. A favorite in the local Bushwick, Brooklyn community, Catland offers a welcoming space for witches, healing crystal lovers, and curious novices alike. Plus, you can stock up on metaphysical resources or check out their extensive programming of online classes, workshops, and rituals.


Ren specializes in the coveted stone, jade. With a mission to keep East Asian traditions alive by shining light on the stone, Ren offers thoughtfully made products and responsibly sourced stones. The shop is openly transparent about where their gems come from, working directly with miners, suppliers through the Responsible Jewelry Council, and industry veterans. Plus, 10% of all sales are donated to Apex for Youth and Asian Youth Center to support the next generation of AAPI.

Moonrise Crystals

Ethical sourcing is the core of Moonrise Crystals’ online shop. For each product Moonrise Crystals stocks, you can learn about the mining, factory conditions, and discover how many times the crystal changed hands in the global supply chain. In fact, every stone shipped by Moonrise Crystals is of the highest quality currently available, individually selected by its founder, Julie. Featuring a huge selection of stones organized into several helpful categories, as well as a learning center with spiritual education resources, Moonrise Crystals is a great one-stop shop for all of your healing crystal needs.

Peach And Pixie

A Black-women owned small business based in Virginia that sells ethically sourced healing crystals and stones, Peach and Pixie is another vendor to keep in mind when shopping. Selling everything from raw gems to charging plates and jewelry, Peach and Pixie is a great option for if you are shopping with a specific stone in mind or picking up a gift for a crystal practicing friend. Plus, if you are looking for a set of stones with a specific intention in mind (for example, creativity, self-love, communication, and so on), the store sells bundles that will help you incorporate that intention into your practice.

Aquarian Soul

Aquarian Soul is a women-owned, independent business based out of San Diego, California. They specialize in both crystals and crystal-infused apothecary, combining plant medicine and crystal energies to encourage well-being and healing. Each product is completely plant-based and thoughtfully created using herbal infused oils and scented with therapeutic-grade, organic essential oils, with all herbs and flowers sourced from local farms when possible. When you buy from Aquarian Soul, you can be fully confident that you’re getting mindfully sourced, ethical, and high quality products for your spiritual practice.

Unicorn Manor

If you're looking to gift a truly statement-making crystal, head over to Unicorn Manor for an assortment of quartz clusters and more. An enchanted occult store based in Australia, Unicorn Manor was created and is curated by practicing Wiccan witch Emi Unicorn. All of the crystals stocked are hand-selected exclusively for the Manor by Emi. Plus, if you are looking for something specific that is either sold out or not stocked, Unicorn Manor offers customers to get in touch and they will do their best to find it.

Modern Mystic Shop

Modern Mystic Shop is a family-owned resource for intentionally made, small batch metaphysical goods that are carefully curated. Based in Atlanta, the vendor focuses on carrying products from other family businesses, women, and underrepresented groups. In addition to crystals, Modern Mystic Shop stocks tarot cards, ritual candles, and a variety of self-care products for you to bring good energy into your life. Whether you're looking for an essential oil or a well-priced crystal cluster, Modern Mystic Shop will have great options for you to choose from.


Based in Seattle and founded by Bri Luna, a Black and Mexican practicing witch, Hoodwitch offers a small but beautifully curated assortment of crystals. Inspired by her spiritual lineage — particularly her grandmother, who was a traditional Mexican spiritual healer and beautician — Bri is known for presenting eclectic and accessible rituals, meditations, and tarot spreads on social media, perfect for someone looking for a bit of intuitive guidance. While Hoodwitch might not be your go-to if you have a specific crystal in mind, its small inventory is a wonderful place to find inspiration and be part of the healing community.

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