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Crystals make the best gifts for witches this holiday season.
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The Best Holiday Gifts For Your Sister Witches

You'll want to keep an extra set of tarot cards for yourself.

'Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that's a full month in which we'll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our holiday gift guides. So make your holiday shopping a breeze this season, and let us help you find gifts for all the people in your life.

The holiday season falls during the darkest time of the year, with the winter solstice — AKA the shortest day and longest night on the calendar — hitting on December 21 in the northern hemisphere. For witches, or any astrology-following person, this is a powerful time of year that marks the start of the winter season.

Spiritually, winter solstice is a time for rest, cleansing (hello, smudging herbs), reflection, but also for conception. And it makes total sense. If fall represents death in the seasonal cycle, and spring is rebirth, then the time between is a period of conception and preparation. It may be dark and cold, but it’s also a necessary part of the cycle so that new ideas can bloom in the spring, flourish in the summer, and be harvested in the fall.

This makes it the perfect occasion for taking the time to release, recharge, and explore your inner magick. And what better gift to give than an opportunity (and the fun tools) for your sisters, both blood and chosen, to do the same?

We rounded up the best gifts for your sister witches — or really anyone looking to infuse a bit of magick into their everyday lives — from important reads and guides to ritual tools and altar décor. No need to be a seasoned, practicing witch; these gifts are also fit for witchcraft novices and the occult curious.

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1. Astrological Wall Calendar

Gift your sister witch a super personalized look into their year ahead through astrology with this gorgeous — and informative — calendar. Put in their birth details like you would with any online birth chart, and get a 365-day rundown of the planets and their interactions with their placements.

2. Astrological Candle

Fragrance label NOVA teamed up with Opening Ceremony and artist Laurence Jaccottet to create this gorgeous set of astrology candles, each representing one of the elements with inspired scents — something witches and astrology fanatics alike will love. Plus, they just smell really nice and are the perfect addition to any ritual.

3. Heart Chakra Oil

Is there a better gift than self-love? Stock up on witchy gifts like Four Tea Four’s Heart Chakra Oil to help balance and unblock your bestie’s heart chakra. With a charged blend of natural plant oils, herbs, flowers, and crystals, they will be feeling all the love.

4. Historical Figures Tarot Deck

Oprah as The Hierophant and RBG as the Justice card? What more could anyone ask for from a tarot deck? Each card celebrates a different badass woman through history, inspiring the reader to lean into their bad witch energy.

5. Inspiring Read

The world could use a bit of magick right now... and, well, always. And this book will inspire the socially conscious witch to take action. Here’s to manifesting world peace.

6. 2022 Astrology Planner

The next best thing to having a personal astrologer? A one-year astrology and ritual planner created by one. With seasonal guides, monthly full and new moon rituals, writing prompts, and solar activity dates, there’s not a Mercury retrograde you won’t be able to handle.

7. Black Obsidian Moon Ring

Show your love for the moon with this sleek yet statement-making ring from Beau Life Switzerland. Witches have no time for bad vibes, and a black obsidian crescent will kick any shady energies right to the curb.

8. Home Cleansing Kit

Winter is the time to clear your space of old stagnant energy, and this cleansing kit pulls out all the stops to get it done. An herb bundle of white sage and copal resin does just the trick, while palo santo incense and a rose quartz crystal invites love and harmony.

9. 2022 Moon Calendar

Who doesn't like functional art? Circle And Crescent's moon calendar not only serves as a gorgeous piece of art deco-inspired wall decor, but it also makes it easy to keep track of the moon cycles each month. Plus, the calendars look oh-so dapper in the separately-sold magnetic wood frame.

10. Manifestation Candle

One of the best gifts for witches? Something to help them manifest their desires. The Conjure’s pre-spelled candle is powerfully charged with the intention to attract success to its user — specifically in matters of business, employment, and education.

11. Full Moon Bath Set

Give the gift of relaxation with this cleansing and soothing full moon bath set. The kit comes with everything needed for a purifying lunar bath: full moon bath tea, full moon bath soak, and three full moon bathing stones like selenite, moonstone, and clear quartz.

12. Vision Oil

Perfect for the more spiritually inclined friend, enhance clairvoyance and expand the mind with this concoction of kava kava root, herbs, and essential oils before any ritual, meditation, or sleep. It’s the recipe for opening the third eye.

13. Portable Altar

For the witch on the go, a portable altar is a must. The kit includes all the altar essentials (and then some) including herbs, anointing oil, crystals, palo santo, a tea light, an altar cloth, a mini cauldron, and a tiny brass bell. Plus, the Ritual Shoppe donates $1 for every ritual box sold to The Loveland Foundation, which is committed to healing communities of color, specifically Black women and girls.

14. Tarot Deck & Rose Quartz Pendulum

Not only are these tarot cards adorably aesthetically pleasing, but the set also comes with a rose quartz pendulum to help further decipher messages, along with a bonus rose quartz heart. This gorgeous deck makes a fine addition to any seasoned reader's repertoire.

15. Wooden Tarot Box

Keep cards and other divination materials safe and protected with this charming handmade wooden tarot box. There’s also a custom option you can add to have a personalized message printed on the underside of the lid, which makes a perfect little spot for some secret affirmations.

16. Lucid Dream-Inducing Tea

This lucid dream-inducing tea blend combines organic ingredients like cronewort, chamomile, damiana, licorice root, and lavender to lull sippers off to bed. Consider it a perfect gift for the spiritually minded and tea enthusiasts alike.

17. Abundance Candle

What better gift than a bit of candle magick — and some that'll bring in money, luck, and abundance? And as a bonus gift, once the candle is burned, there are surprise money-drawing crystals to collect at the bottom.

18. Tarot Candles

When it comes to witchy gifts, you can never have too many candles. This trio offers a unique tarot reading experience. At bottom of each candle is a tarot charm to provide insight on the past, present, and future.

19. Good Fortune Spell Kit

Collecting ingredients for a spell or ritual can be tedious and expensive, so make it easy with a spell kit. This one will bestow your witchy friend with the gifts of blessings, prosperity, abundance, wishes, and well-being.

20. Curated Zodiac Crystals

Crystal gifts are always a safe bet for the metaphysically inclined. And since there are certain types of crystals that just get the energies of different zodiac signs, it’s extra beneficial to work with the ones for your sign — which is why Chakra Zulu’s curated zodiac crystal sets make an especially thoughtful gift for witches.

21. Selenite Charging Plate

Since you can’t just plug crystals or energy tools into an outlet, a selenite charging plate is the next best thing. Give your witch friend a charging plate to ensure all of their essentials are operating on maximum vibe capacity at all times. Plus, it makes a nice addition to an altar.

22. Cleansing Bath Salts

2021 was one hell of a year. Help your sister witch cleanse, purify, and start anew with this powerful ritual bath mix, made with peppermint and eucalyptus to conjure the feeling of a fresh start.

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