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Zoë Kravitz Drank Milk Like A Cat In Preparation For Catwoman

A real method actor.

The best thing about the new Batman movie is that Zoë Kravitz is in it — which means a Zoë Kravitz press tour! When she’s not stunning in her many incredible outfits, she can regale us with the cold, hard truths about what it takes to become Catwoman. Which apparently includes drinking milk out of a bowl?

In an interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kravitz — a Very Serious Method Actor explained how she drank milk like a cat to prepare for her Catwoman role. Fallon, who famously loves to make interviews about him, told Kravitz what he would do to prepare for the role if he was Catwoman. “I would drink milk out of a bowl,” he said.


Kravitz, however, was several steps ahead. “I did that,” she said, further clarifying, “I’m method, dude!”

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She’s not the only Method Actor tapping into the habits of animals. Lily-Rose Depp told NYLON in December that she would crawl on the ground next to her cat to prepare for her role as a girl who believes she’s a cat in the psychological thriller Wolf. It’s called commitment!

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Kravitz also talked about doing her screen test with Robert Pattinson, someone she knew “just from around.” Ugh, the perks of fame. When she went to do the screen test, she had to not laugh when she saw Pattinson wearing George Clooney’s Batman suit on top, with sweatpants on the bottom, as if Batman were attending a Zoom meeting.

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Kravitz also shared more details of her very Method preparation for the role, which included watching videos of cats fighting. “I watched a bunch of cat videos, feline videos watching them fight and what I was so interested by is that you can’t read their face at all which is why I think people are creeped out by them,” Kravitz said.

The Batman

“They were the hardest thing to control during shooting,” she says of the many cats that are in the film. (Okay, I guess I’ll watch it.) “We were doing crazy stunts and that was fine, but getting a cat to stay in one place? Impossible.”


But the real highlight of the interview is when Fallon plays a clip of a seven-year-old tiara-wearing Kravitz singing TLC’s “No Scrubs” while Lenny Kravitz went to the bathroom during a VH1 interview. A star was born...

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