Lipstick Vs. Dumplings: A Greasy Thanksgiving Treat


Lipstick Vs. Dumplings: A Greasy Thanksgiving Treat

We put new lipsticks to the test of a Thanksgiving Dumpling meal... did your favorite stay through the greasy treat?

Not everyone is about to sit around the table next week with their extended family over a roasted bird. So, we decided to put new lipsticks to the test with a treat that would be appropriate for any Thanksgiving, whether it's for a Friendsgiving potluck or just you, some sweatpants, and a Netflix binge. Mimi Cheng's has the perfect dining solution: Thanksgiving (turkey, sage stuffing, homemade gravy, and a cranberry sauce) and veggie dumplings that left everyone in the office begging for more.

But how did the latest lip colors stand up to the test? Find out in the video above.


Camera: Charlotte Prager and Dani Okon

Editor: Madeline Stedman

Thanksgiving Dumplings provided by Mimi Cheng's

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Annalise Domenighini, Social Media Director

When wearing lipstick, I usually stay away from foods that require a lot of lip, like dumplings. But then again I've never met a lipstick like this one. It held up through the saucy, greasy dumplings, making me rethink my entire strategy.

M.A.C., Raver Girl Lipstick in 'Rave Chic,' $18.50, available at M.A.C.

Taylor Bryant, Web Editor

I don't really expect much from cream lipsticks as far as staying power goes. So, my expectations were especially low once I realized the formula was going up against a food item that's just as greasy as it is delicious.

Much to my surprise, my lipstick fared pretty well. While more got on the chopsticks than the actual dumplings (which is mostly due to my poor eating skills), most of the color stayed on my lips. Guess I know what I'll be wearing next time I go for dim sum.

Nars, Audacious Lipstick in 'Siouxsie,' $34, available at Sephora.

Jenna Igneri, Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor

To be honest, I've never really had a successful dumpling encounter while wearing lipstick—that is, until I met the lipsticks from Milk Makeup's new Wu-Tang Clan collab. Even though there was definitely some lip-to-dumpling transfer, my lips looked just as good post-meal as they did walking in.

Milk Makeup, Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup Lip Color in 'Fire,' $55, available at Milk Makeup.

Sarah Lutkenhaus, Design Director

The lipstick is really smooth and glossy with a frosty shine. It slid around a little bit while eating, but you could still see it at the end. It's fun, but not for a serious dumpling all-nighter. Fenty Beauty, Snow Daze Frosted Metal Lipstick in 'What's Your Numb'a,' $36, available at Fenty Beauty.